Fixed vs. Detachable Cables (on Headphones) - Which is Better?!

  1. RockStar2005
    What are people's opinions on which type of cable is the best for headphones? Some say that detachable cables mean easier replace-ability, while others say that fixed cables result in less points of attachment and therefore less chance of breakage or parts going bad. But I'd like to hear more. Why do you think one is better than the other? What reasons can you offer up to explain your decision? Let us know!
  2. bigshoe83
    I will take detachable over attached any day. Easier storage, replacement, and less chance of getting caught on something and yanking them out causing an unusable headphone.
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  3. RockStar2005
    Hi bigshoe,

    Yeah, I have to agree. Plus with detachable you get the added option of choosing a longer or shorter cable to use instead of the stock one that comes with the headphones, which you may not like.
  4. Aundudel25
    Another vote for detachable. Out of all my headphones and iems the only ones that stopped working were the fixed cable ones. Granted, they were super cheap and super old but still........ :k701smile:
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  5. RockStar2005
    That is an interesting statistic, despite the age of the fixed cable headphones you had. I think at the very least once you hit the $100+ mark, detachable should be standard. In a perfect world, ALL headphones and earphones would have detachable cables though.
  6. Music Alchemist
    Most of the time, for the majority of headphones, detachable is indeed better, or at least more convenient. When you get into very high-end headphone systems, hardwired aftermarket cables are lauded among hardcore audiophiles for their superior sound. Some exotic high-end headphones (like electrostats) have hardwired cables already.
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