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Fitting V-Moda Boompro to B&W P7

  1. Lanzky
    Hi all,

    This isn't exactly hi-fi, but still hoping I can solicit some suggestions.

    I own a pair of B&W P7 which I want to use as my gaming headphone. Lightweight, comfortable, and pretty decent sound quality - lengths better than most "gamer headsets" at any rate. However, the on-cable microphone is button-activated and leaves something to be desired, so I have acquired a V-Moda Boompro.
    Now, anyone familiar with the P7 and Boompro will know they don't fit. The P7 has a 2.5mm TRS bending termination into the earcup while the Boompro has a straight 3.5mm TRS termination meant to fit V-Moda's own models and the likes of Beyer DT-xxx and such (pictures of the two terminations uploaded)

    So, would someone have ideas about how to make this fit; anything from resoldering terminations to a simple adapter could work. I'm just looking for suggestions.

    Thanks in advance.

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