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Fitear MH335DW vs JH16 pro vs Unique Melody Merlin vs Roxanne

  1. yeongman
    Hi guys,
    Been using IEMs for a while now. Finally been able to save up some cash and now I would like to upgrade my IEMs to CIEMs. Since i'm going to get married soon, this is possibly the last IEMs I might ever get. Would like to make it a good one. One last hurrah if you will. (wife to be isn't very supportive of le audio hobby)
    I'm currently looking at these 5 CIEMs partly because of their reviews. I like a little more bass in my music, hence the tendency to pick CIEMs enhanced bass. I love my UM3X for it's clarity, but I find it's bass rather lacking. Would appreciate if you could provide your opinions on these CIEMs so I can make a better informed decision.
    Am currently alternating between using my Red Wined iPod + SR71 amp combo and my Fiio X5 as the source. I'm mostly out of the house and travelling or in the office, so Headphones are not really what i'm looking for at the moment. Quite happy with my AD2000X as it is.
    P.S. do help a bro out and give your opinion so I can buy them before I get married. Heh.
  2. Kunlun
    I would consider the Noble Kaiser 10 and Noble 8C
  3. yeongman
    Wow. Thanks for pointing that one out for me Kunlun. I haven't even heard about them till now. Am currently reading up on the reviews about the Noble 10 and 8C.
    It might be the last set of earphones I get. Might as well go big. Heh.
  4. whoever
    You should consider Custom Art Audio Harmony 8
    splendid silicone ciems!
  5. designmaniac
    I'd go the FitEars my friend! This would be my total endgame - i.e. pre/post marital :wink: - CIEM! I'd go for the C435 because i prefer clarity more than anything else, but obviously for base the MH335DW is the one to go for. I've heard all of these besides the Heir and… IMHO… they are far superior to anything else. As well as having superior build quality, and I think the filled shells make them a bit more resilient as well!!! Hope my two cents helps! Good luck with the purchase and the marriage! :wink: 

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