FISCHER Sigma V3 is come what do you think?
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FISCHER Sigma V3 is new. You where it over your ears with a curley cable on the right. It is single driver earphone capable of kind warm sound. It cancels out really a lot of sound from surroundings and is comfortable to wear. It's sound is mostly clear and pretty with emphasize on lower mid range and gives a nice close intimate sounding sound. Do anyone have any impressions? What do you think?
It fits out like the UE10 when you where it down and wheres like Earsnoics SM2 when worn up. Its very light and feels like almost there is nothing there in the ear. And it is not for base heads but is very full of bass, and if you like songs like jazz and rock and want to be nearby to the musicians it is really good. Highs are not fatiging and go very far.
Actually the base is hard-edged and big so it feels powerful. But it doesnt go crazy or soft.
L shape of cable and rubber cable. Fischer logo is on the cable fork and curly q cable on right ear side of the cable. The earphone is thick plastic and aluminum where the ear flange sits. There are also ear hooks and total 6 ear flanges. The sound is stronger base more that I listen and very clear mid ranges which make the vocals great.
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Just to corroborate what Dimitri said, the Sigma V3 is a stunning earphone - at least in sound. I've not borrowed it yet, but I will and give full report. It is good enough that I want to. Fit is interesting as it is a long bodied phone, and there is a coiled cable (curly q) on the right cable which is odd. It makes it difficult to keep the y-split straight.
I have one contention with build: the rubber used around the y-split is prone to tear. Wiggle it a bit and it will. 
However, sound is worth the entry (which I think is supposed to be around 60$ or so). I'd watch this space if you are in the market for a great sounding earphone upgrade. Sound at least, comes with my recommendations.

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