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Fischer Audio Falcon - Review

  1. Russell Tan
    Just an amateur head-fi er.
    First review, so cut me some slack.
    Loaner set.
    Falcons are well built, with novel cloth wiring. Length of cable is just right (about 1.2m), and I can see these as a pair I can throw in my bag just before going out.
    Packaging is just beautiful, looks really grown up, like what the other reviews say, and the 7 pairs of tips included just spoil you for choice. I especially liked the triple flanges and the double flanges. Silicone was very good quality, soft, unlike those included with the Sennheisers (hard as ****).
    First things first, these IEMs are power hungry. When plugged without an amp into my computer, they sounded worse than the worst earphones you could ever find - empty, muddy, a whirly mix of instruments! Yuck.
    When plugged into my bright Fiio E6 amp coupled with my iPhone, they sounded like a totally different IEM altogether. They opened up and instrument separation was much clearer, even though they were still warm, almost to the point of being muddy!
    When I first tried them on, I was utterly shocked. I knew these were supposed to sound warm, but they sounded more than just warm - muddy almost!
    Bass was extremely muddy, and it sounded like I was listening to the music in the tube. Bass didn't seem to know where it should be, and was running all over the mids and the highs. Was extremely muddy and definitely not something I would expect from an $89 IEM, let alone one from Fischer Audio.
    Mids were ok, just stayed where they should be, didn't stray too much, and rather unimpressive - just boring.
    Highs were rather detailed, but failed horrifically in instrument separation! Not as punchy as I would have liked it to be!
    Soundstage is virtually nonexistent.
    Overall a rather disappointing set.
    Build: 8/10
    Packaging: 9/10
    SQ: 5/10
    Overall :7/10
  2. Leynar
    Decent review. Mind telling us what tracks you used?

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