Fischer Audio FA-011 & Altoid CMOY 2227 Portable AMP & Denon AH-D600
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Apr 8, 2013
1.)  Fischer Audio FA-011 (1st generation i believe since it has curly cord)  -- I bought these from a member here, i read articles and reviews saying these were like Grados with bass.  I love grados but wanted more bass so i thought this would be my perfect headphone.  Turns out, these are the opposite of my grado sr80s,  they are not "bright and forward"  but they do pack a ton of bass.  I really enjoy listening to hip/hop with them, but thats not the majority of my listening.  Shortly after getting them, i installed hifiman leather pads -- they have less then an hour of use on these pads.  includes 1/8 -> 1/4" adapter, includes original pads.   **SOLD TO ATI832**
2.) Grado SR80.  Ahh, my beloved grados.  I bought these back in 2003-2004, i used them 90% for gaming -- the clarity and detail really helped me locate bad guys in counter strike: source.  I used them so much that the original foam pads started to just fall apart.  finally each time i wore them black chunks from the pads started to come off.  I finally threw the pads away, but couldnt justify $30+ to replace them.  from 2008-2013 they sat in storage.  A guy i work with rekindled my interest in headphones.  I ordered the fischers, but then started to customize my grados.  My intent was to install wood cups, recable, replace ear pad them.  However the wood cups I ordered did not fit, so i started sanding and well... i broke one of the cups.   They do sound good to me, but you can tell there is an imbalance.  bass is strong on the good wooden cup side. The drivers are only being held in by sennheiser 414 foam pads (less then an hour of use)   They are much softer then the original grado foam pads, but look pretty dorky.  The original cable is missing about a foot of shielding, they really should be recabled and a strain relief be added if you intend on using them as is to keep the solder joints from breaking.  Includes new 414 foam pads, headband, two sr80 drivers, new canare f12 connector **SOLD TO DXANEX**
3.) Cmoy amp 2227 - I bought it new from ebay for $30 plus the $7 cable, the day it arrived i found a sony STR-DE475 in the trash.  needless to say i wont need this amp anymore.  I tested it with two different cell phones.  Samsung Galaxy nexus i couldnt really tell much difference, but my oncall phone a droid bionic the cmoy made a substantial improvement in sound quality.  It seems bright, but not super strong on the bass end  $22 shipped in the US - includes the 1ft  1/8" to 1/8" audio adapter **SOLD TO ATI832**
4.) Denon AH-D600 - I bought these from a guy I work with.  I really do love them, but they are not ideal for my work environment.  I need an open headphone so I can hear my phone ring, especially since I work in technical support.  They are mega comfortable, gobs of bass!  Very good clarity / detail but there are times the bass over powers the vocals like some rock.  I am not someone that afford to have a "stable" of headphones, otherwise these would be keepers for sure!   Includes original box, both cables  **SOLD TO DRYVADEUM**
edit: I just learned the issue with the fischers was the hifiman leather pads were not creating a seal around my ear. By applying more pressure or switching to the original pads it completely changes the sound of the fischers. I now like them quite a bit, more then even my grados.





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Jan 14, 2011
To be exact. If the wood finish is black (not red burgundy under light conditions), that's actually the second batch before the black finish with straight cables came out. The first version was a light/dark shade burgundy red finish.
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Apr 16, 2011
Hi could you read the private message I sent you I have ran out of PM's for today but its really important thanks
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