Fischer Audio Eterna, Head-direct Earphones IEM, Soundmagic In Europe
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I don't know about that seller, but my boxes I use for Eterna are 21cm l x 16cm w x 9cm h. Still small, but not as small as an RE0 box, because the Eterna's box is bigger and this is the smallest box I could find that would fit the Eterna. It's close to exact length and width wise, and holds up to 3 Eterna (or other IEM in same box size) stacked.
Canada too nails you for a lot of things on import, and anything over $20 is succeptable. Most of the time you'll get lucky and you won't get nailed, but sometimes you do. The duty isn't outrageous however if you use normal post. UPS is awful for brokerage fees in Canada, my friend paid $50 duty/brokerage fees on a $50 item once.

UPS are horrible, once I even telling them to return the package they delivered to me with 50 % fees over price.
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I've just put an order myself on (the only shop in Europe that seems to have Head-Direct RE0).
It took almost two days since I've first asked them if they could ship to Romania, but in the end a guy (Alex) wrote me back and helped me with the order (hadn't watched enough telenovelas to learn Spanish). They don't have them in store right now but I hope in a week or so they'll be in their way towards me.
The price is 67,95 € (including shipping by Nacex & VAT) versus 89 $ (including shipping) from Head-Direct. By Google I've saved some 4 €/5$.
Have a nice day!
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They are fantastic. Alex is an awesome guy, very helpful!
I've bought the RE0 from them 2 weeks ago and it only took 2 days to ship to Portugal. Super fast delivery and awesome customer support

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