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Fischer amps fa 4e xb Qwik sale?

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by roughington, Dec 9, 2015.
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  1. roughington
    For Sale
    Hello Lurkers of Head-Fi,
    I am currently trying to sell my fischers to fun something more exciting (ciems anyone?). One small part of the logo on the right ear fell off due to pocket time but the other parts of both logos are holding on strong. I had to send them back to fischer for a little while because I was having issues with the right channel volume but that is fixed now, I also had them check out the hissing I've been hearing if I plug them into my phone/ipod when I am on the go and they couldn't find anything. I went to a fellow head-fier and tested them on a gustard h10 and I couldn't hear a thing, so I guess it's either my brain playing tricks on me or my sources just suck :frowning2:
    Price covers shipping in the US and yes, it comes with the box carrying case etc. Message me if you have anything interesting to offer or and questions here's to a potentially quick and painless sale [​IMG] also it's really late at night so What if this emote!?!
    Someone told me I wouldn't be able to move these for more than 320 so 300 shipped to the US it is!
Thread Status:
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