First-Version Fitear To Go! 334 For Sale! (Nearly Brand New!)
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For Sale
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Alias Gu

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Oct 31, 2012
I bought my Fitear To Go! 334 about six months ago from Musica Acoustic at $1375 (shipping included). I protected them very very well except few unavoidable scratches. As the pictures i uploaded, the few scratches are really really hard to see unless you have a close look. So the condition of this brilliant IEM is great. However, they were sent back for repair once due to the problems of the stock cable. Nothing wrong with the IEM themselves. Fitear just simply asked me for buying a new cable for To Go! 334. So basically, the cable is brand new. 
Original accessories are all here including a cleaning tool, stock earpieces, and a pelican box.
Free Gifts: several pairs of ortofon ear pieces that turn out to be more comfortable than stock ones, a used broken 001 cable (i am pretty sure someone is bale to fix it without sending to Fitear) and a brand new stand for IEMs. (All free gifts showed in uploaded pictures)
I also tend to offer a big discount if you buy my To Go! 334 with the Tralucent T1 amp. If you have no idea what T1 is. Enter the key words, you will find out this is a great amp with To Go! 334!
If you are interested in my To Go! 334, please PM me as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!
Payment: Paypal only. If you are outside of U.S.A, please contact me first.
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