First set of Customs...
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Nov 30, 2011
I'm hoping for some help in choosing my first set of customs. I've kind of set my budget at around $400-$500 and I've been looking at the Heir 4.a - are there any other CIEMS in that price range that would be a good choice? I'm mostly listening to Rock,Classic rock, some metal... I like clarity and detail in my music, good soundstage, not bass heavy.
As well as the Heir's, I've been watching the thread on Cosmic ears CIEMS with interest.
I seem to spend money on various cheaper and midlevel IEMS and never be totally satisfied - I was using the Kilpsch X10 for a couple of years until they fell apart, have got the Yamaha eph100 but find them uncomfortable and they keep falling out (whatever tips I put on them) and I'm now using the Phonak 022 which are just ok. I want to spend a bit more and get something thats going to satisfy me for a while and is as good quality as I can afford.

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