First review: Audio Technica ATH A700
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The reason I bought closed headphones was so I can get some more bass as opposed to open headphones, these closed A700's had no bass. My $21 Sennheiser 202's had like 3 times the bass, and the $25 PX - 100 had twice the bass. And the funny part is that those aren't even considered 'bass' headphones unlike the 212 pros. I could tap my fingers on the table and get more bass than the A700's. I was listening comparitively to both the PX - 100's and the A700, switching back and forth doing some listening tests. I used my onboard realtek sound card and some lossless FLACs. The A700 sounded clearer, but only because they've got no bass. You know, of course the tone is going to sound clear, obviously, well because, there's no bass!

Should've gotten the M50 not the A700!

Anyway you chose the wrong brand. Audio Technica isn't exactly the go-to brand for bass. The A700 I hear have more bass than the usual ATH headphone but as a whole I would choose another brand as a bass lover. My new portable fave, the NuForce UF30 for instance is an excellent bass can. Audio Technica... not so much.
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waw... i never think that PX100 is a good sound for me... they r full of bass and lack of detail... but i never think that A700 worse than PX100... LOL

did u get fake A700?

I can't go back to the PX100s either. Not enough detail and dirty sound. I think I am just not a fan of Senn sound. I also have the "bass heavy" HD212 Pros that the TC mentioned and they honestly don't hold a candle to better bass-heavy cans like the AKG K81DJ or the NuForce UF30.

But for the price the PX100s are not bad. I have sort of graduated from that price range but for a person starting out the PX100s are not bad at all.
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Originally Posted by NitroX /img/forum/go_quote.gif
did u get fake A700?

very good question, it might 'splain some things here...
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I understand that the A700/AD700 is not for everyone.

There are a few things missing from you're review that I'm interested in, though. What type of music do you normally listen to? If it's rap, trance, or even mostly rock, I can definitely see why you would be underwhelmed. The bass response of the AD700 is very low (neutral sounding to me), but it is the sound that I prefer. I listen to 99% classical music, though, so the soundstage and sound signature match my needs. While it doesn't need an amp or a DAC, it will sound better with one (like most headphones).

Also, Sennheiser and AT have very different sound signatures. I own a pair of HD202 and HD280s, and have heard the PX100s, and they are very different. The PX100 is a very nice set of portable phones for the money, though.

I think you know, but you have to consider that the AD700 is very different from the A700.
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I have to say that i love my a700's. they are clear and defined with an awesome soundstage and tight bass. I am listening to kernkraft 400 by zombie nation right now and I can physically feel the bass.
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It's because people go from cheap headphones to Audio-Technica ATH-A700 and are obviously blown away I have tried a pair too and I cannot believe people like them they are absolutely terrible for their £100 + price tag.
Even the goldring dr50 £20 blow them out of the water.
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I concur on the part of being a basshead. If you're a basshead, you should return them and buy some DJ cans instead. DJ cans emphasize lows/low mids much more, though some headphones have a V shaped frequency so treble isn't nonexistant. Examples would be Pioneer's HDJ series, Shure SRH750DJ, etc. Great for electronic/pop. Now that you guys mention it, I might try to get an AD700. Seems interesting for rock.

On another note, does RealTek even have an equalizer? I've used several computers that had RealTek and none except for an Asus had an equalizer on it. Whereas my older HP DV7 has IDT Audio, which I suppose is better than nothing. Equalizer 10-band and (useless) SRS Premium.

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Actually the A700 is one of the best gaming headsets on the market IMO.  It is the head set that got me into the world of audiophile set-ups.  Use it with a higher end x-fi card and play Battlefield 3.  The bass does not over whelm and you can really hear the depth of the game.  I have used some other top end "gaming" head sets and the A700 is a very noticeable step ahead.  Just a note though I did play BF3 off the stock MB soundcard and there was a huge difference in sound quality.  Are there better headsets for music?  Absolutely but you would be hard pressed to find a better gaming head set.

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