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First post. Looking for advice!

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by suguru103, Nov 15, 2012.
  1. Suguru103
    Hi! Joined not 10 minutes ago, though i've been reading topics and reviews on headphones for a while. Hope my inexperience doesn't bother some.
    Alright, so i bought a pair of Senheiser HD439 about a month and a half back. I've been using them with an Ipod touch 4th gen, without an amp. 
    They sound pretty good, certainly better than the previous Senheiser HD202 i had before.... but i feel like i need to raise the volume too high for them to sound full. This didn't happen with a pair of Sony earbuds i have, so i've come to the conclusion that i need an amp.
    My budget is 40 dollars, i have heard and looked at the Fiio E6, but two opinions are better than one. So if you guys could give me you're opinion on if that's the best option under 40 dollars? Or anything i should know that i'm missing to improve the sound? I've heard that switching to leather cups on the HD439's gives a warmer sound and improves noise isolation... true?
    And i shouldn't leave this out: I'm getting an Ipod Touch 5th generation in a few weeks. The lightning connetor is not compatible with the line out cable Fiio has for the E6, will it be worth it without a line-out cable? Or should i wait until lightning line-out cables appear?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. DenonFnatic
    Hey Suguru103
    I've also got a pair of Senn 439s lying about somewhere and I know exactly what you mean about the volume, It is basically maxed out all the time and even then the sound is not particularly loud. I also have the Fiio E6 and it is quite amazing for the price you pay, it only has around 4-5 presets and I can't  remember what does what, I only use the bass booster for my Westone 2s and it is great.
    With the connector, did you mean the 3.5mm interconnect or the LOD? 
  3. Suguru103
    Thanks for the reply!

    And i meant the LOD. I don't know of any line out cables that are compatible with the Lightning connector on the new generation Apple devices.

    So i wanted to know if using an amplifier with the headphone jack of the Ipod touch would be worth the purchase, or if i should wait till LOD cables are available that are compatible with the Lightning connector.

    Also, what is your opinion overall of the HD439s? I'm coming from a pair of HD202s, so i find them awesome by default.

    Thanks for the help James!
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    There's some nice apps out there such as 'Equalizer' 'SonicMax Pro' and EQu you may want to also try. But for the volume problem a FiiO E6 should help clear that up. I'm not sure on the new docks, just use the headphone for now until you look into it further. But check out those apps!
  5. BillsonChang007

    According to ClieOS in this review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/635800/impression-apple-nano-7g-lightning-to-30pin-adapter you can use lightning to 30pin cable then connect the LOD cable as made for older generation iPod(30pin-3.5mm).

    Can't give much impression to the HD439 as I never tried them. Looking forward to those thought. :)

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