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First Impressions: Munitio SITi Nine Millimeter

  1. SpikedJuice
    My first impressions, as promised.
    They are easily the most beautiful headphones/earphones I have ever seen. Right from opening the box, the pair glimmer and glisten at you, seducing you with their incredible looks.
    Munitio haven't been overly generous with the included accessories, but they are of the highest quality. A polishing cloth, leather pouch and four sets of tips are included.
    Build quality is amazing. They feel rock solid. Weighty but not overly so, and the cable is something else. It feels like lightweight rope.

    Upon first listening to them, the bass immediately hits you. They're sensitive to insertion depth - too far and the bass becomes boomy, taking over everything. Find the right depth and things tighten up at the low end, opening up the mids and highs. I found EQ-ing necessary to tailor the sound to my tastes to bring the treble a little more forward.

    Overall, a very intriguing pair of IEM's.
  2. Kunlun
    Hmm, interesting!
  3. naddy
    How's the bass on these compared to other earphones? Would you consider these to be bass heavey or bass monsters?
  4. lesleyguchg1
  5. batpig
    wow -- way to resurrect an old thread! [​IMG]
    if you want more info there have been more recent threads discussing these, here's a couple of links to the longest ones with the most info and reviews:

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