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First Impression: UE SuperFi 5vi from Amazon

  1. norcalstoppy
    UPDATE 06/04/10: After more listening, I'm finding these earphones to lack the bass for my personal taste. It could be that the MP3 player that I'm using is rated at max 18mw, since it sounded much better plugged in to my PC. But for portable use, the bass could be better. However I maintain that it does have more precise bass than the 3s.
    I just bought these yesterday and had it over-nighted to me.
    This will a mini-review in comparison to UE Super.Fi 3s that I owned.
    Design: looks to be about 50% smaller and lighter than super.fi 3s. Looks more sleek and I don't feel like a geek wearing it, unlike how the 3s made me feel.
    Comfort: about 1000% easier to wear right the first time than the 3s. fit and seal achieved on the first try and took about half a second each ear, compared to about 10-30seconds it took for the 3s. Over the ear wear is optional on this set of earphones and you can choose to wear them like normal earphones if you choose to.
    Sound: I'm not a audiophile by any definition, so can't go into too much detail, but definitely less boomy than the 3s. The bass is nice and tight. And treble and mid are clear with good articulation. Side note: treble can be a bit harsh on some songs. MP3 players with built-in EQ might be helpful for some types of music.
    Music listened to for impression:
    My Funny Valentine - Michael Buble
    - nice fullness in voice and clear, though a little harsh, treble from trumpet solo
    This Woman's Worth - Maxwell
    - good detail in artist's airy voice and could hear a few more details in the artist voice
    Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
    - clear sharp claps, deep but tight bass (definitely less boomier than the 3s)
    Nessun Dorma - Pavarotti
    - I get goosebumps every time I listen to this. no complaints here. The grandness of the Pavarotti's voice in the climax comes through clearly with 0 distortion. 
    Variations on The Cannon - George Winston
    - very clear articulation in treble, could hear little bit of notes carrying into the next note but i'm not sure if it's the earphones or the recording. never even noticed it before today, so that's a plus in detail. could feel and hear the strength at which the artist strikes the keys through my ears.
  2. norcalstoppy
    Size comparison: Super.Fi 5vi vs Super.Fi 3(similar size to Triple.Fi, Super.Fi 5pro, etc)
  3. KLS
    Thanks for the mini review :)
    What tips are you using with youf SF5vi2? I like bi-flange on them, they sound more intimate and 3D presentation is very good. It's like swimming in the music.

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