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As serman005 asked you, and if yes, you want an open headphone I am pretty confident that the Sundara is an excellent, and affordable headphone. I have owned the HE560/400i and currently an Edition X V2 so I have some direct experience with HiFi Man headphones. Prior to getting the Edition X V2 (long story) just after I ordered the Sundara after reading around the Internet convinced me they would be worth taking a chance on. I actually cancelled my order of the Sundara (before they shipped) only after buying the HEX2.

I was pretty convinced they were worth taking a chance on and may yet try them. You should still have a decent smartphone amplification section or a solid little portable external amp or DAC/amp. I use the Q5 with the THX AAA module and very much like this with the HEX2. Whatever you do let us know and welcome to the community.
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