First CIEM. JH5 ($399) vs Alclair reference ($399) vs 1964 v3 ($499)
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Jul 14, 2015
I have had shure se215s in the past and now I am looking towards a pair of CIEMs. These 3 are the main ones I am torn between, and I have tried the JH5 and v3 previously, and I find the v3 more detailed and colourful, with just a little more bass impact. I do have to say I am fond of the sound signature of the two, which are remarkably similar. I have not tried the alclair reference monitors, though I have heard good reviews about it. Do you guys think the difference 100 dollars is worth to get the v3s? Or are the other 2 more worth it?
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This might be helpful.

I have read that, and it does reflect my experience with the jh5 and v3 quite well. I am too considering the earwerkz models, although I think I'm going to go with the v3 anyway. Thanks!

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