First, cheap DAC/AMP

  1. Crocodil

    I've recently bought my first fairly decent audio setup - Fenda R30BT speakers and Superlux HD669 headphones. Now I would need a sound source better than an integrated audio card.

    After some looking around, it looks like a DAC/AMP combo would be a good choice. I have 2 similarly priced favorites:
    • FX Audio DAC-X6
    • Audiotrak Prodigy Cube Black Edition
    Both have good reviews and cost around $100 in Poland. X6 seems better for my needs as it has multiple inputs - I could connect my desktop with optical and my laptop or smartphone with USB.

    There's also Dilvpoetry DAC-X6, which seems to be the same device with just some chips replaced:
    FX Audio:
    DAC chipsets: CS8416 + CS4398 + OPA213
    Headphone amplifier chipsets: OP275 + TPA6120
    DAC chipsets: CS8416 + AK4452 + JRC5532
    Headphone amplifier chipsets: N5532 + TPA6120

    But there's little to no information about it...

    Which device do you think would be the best? Maybe I'm missing some other budget choices?


    EDIT: Thanks to some instructions on the forum, I've already given up on Dilvpoetry but maybe someone has some thoughts on Cube vs X6?
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  2. Crocodil
    BUMP :)

    Could someone please help me with the choice between FX Audio DAC-X6 and Audiotrak Prodigy Cube Black Edition?
  3. Dr. Hugo
    I’m not sure if they are available in Poland but I own the schiit fulla 2 and they sound absolutely fantastic, even comparing to my much more expensive dac/amps.

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