Firestone Audio FR-H001 Headphone Stand

  1. schalliol
    I'm looking for a stand for my HD 800s and came across this unit.  Has anyone seen the Firestone Audio FR-H001 in use before or have any idea if it is strong enough to stay steady under the weight?  It looks like it might be a good match for the HD 800 looks.
  2. cifani090
    Is it the wrong way? It's pretty ugly IMO.
  3. schalliol
    Ha, well, yeah, I thought it would look fairly nice on the "futuristic-looking" HD 800s, but it's pretty expensive I'd guess it would make marks in the headband fabric.  I guess Woo it is.
  4. phunkfarm
    Ive got one for sale. Brand new. I'd take $35 shipped! I bought one (39.99 + tax from Massdrop (over)) and my gf bought me one as well as a surprise. As fate would have it, we broke up and if I returned it to the seller, my gf would be the beneficiary of the return. I think not. TMI? Just wanted to be clear that I love the unit and not selling because I wanted to dump it on somebody. It's made of very heavy gauge metal (steel sides and aluminum connectors). I would say if you were in an Apple store and you saw this for sale for the $199 retail there, you would not blink an eye due to it's heft, build and sheer solidness. It is a boss stand, used for my Beyer DT1990's without a glitch or reservation. PM if interested.
    Last edited: May 17, 2018

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