Finding speakers for a AVR-X2000
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Mar 7, 2012
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Mar 7, 2012
Hey Head-Fi,
A while ago I posted a thread in which I asked for advice for a receiver and speakers, because I am moving out. The room I will be placing the system in is quite small, only 150 square feet. I'd be using it mainly for music listening and maybe a bit of movies, but I'm not THAT picky on movie audio, to be very honest. My favorite styles of music are hard rock, heavy metal, reggae, folk and ambient, so that's quite a lot of stuff. The things I care most about in audio are detail and clarity and I also prefer a decently volumed tight bass. I don't really have the room nor funds for a good subwoofer though. I also don't really listen at very loud volumes, ever. I'd like to have speakers that sound good on lower volumes as well.
So, let's get to the point: I managed to get a mint Denon AVR-X2000 second hand for a really nice price. I'm still looking for speakers nowhowever. I was originally thinking of picking up a pair of B&W 685's, that would already strecht my budget, but what the hell
However, now I found a great deal on some mint B&W 684's, and I find it very hard to resist buying them. Are these a good pair with an AVR-X2000?.. Should I do it? ^^. I've found loads of other great offers from all kinds of second-hand speakers though, so if there is a better alternative out there, I'd love to hear it!
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