Find the best 2022 summer sales with this guide.
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Jun 4, 2013
The MEGA BRANDS SALE is one of the best times to grab an online bargain. Whether you're after an item such as a DAC or AMP, or want to update your portable devices such as earphones or DAP, SHENZHENAUDIO offers a huge discount from August 22-26 PST.

60+ brands at the best deals so far:

TOPPING: Get up to 10% off models like D90SE, A90, E50, L50, and DX5, etc.

SMSL: Up to 10% off models like SU-9, SH-9, SP400, A1 and D300, etc.

MOONDROP: Up to 10% off models like Aria, KATO, Starfield, Variations, SSP, etc

Gustard: 10% off models like X18, P26, X26 PRO, and X16, etc.

xDuoo: 10% off models like TA series, XD05 series, MT series, etc.

TANCHJIM: 10% off everything

Shanling: Up to 10% off models like UA3, UA5, ME800, and M6, etc.

... ...

Singxer, Yulong, 7HZ, Softears, Little Dot and etc : Up to 10% off

To see even more deals across all categories, you can head to our home page!

Except for the TWO-YEAR-WARRANTY, for providing our customers a worry-free shopping experience as we usually do, a 30-day price guarantee shows up, that you guys can purchase now and get a difference-refund within 30 days! And 30-day no reason return in case you're not satisfied with the items you purchased. Other than that, we're offering Tax & Duty-Free for 50+ countries, you can access the detailed policy click here! No hesitating! Start your great shopping festival now!

As always, any questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome, feel free to contact us for the discount details or anything else, live chat with our Support Team or email us directly at
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