Finally, DIYable 3.5mm plugs with threaded 1/4" adapters
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Aug 2, 2005
I dunno how many of y'all already knew these existed, but i was glad to find them.

I mean most of my cans are well suited to just having a 1/4 plug because they are hardly usable as a portable, but sometimes it annoys me when i have to do a repair that means i have to pick one or the other.

Ordered a cool dozen, will report on the quality.
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They arrived today so i reterminated the ATH-AD700 i bought a while back. Is it just me or does that generation of A-T headphones have really crap mini plugs?


The materials look decent enough. Not as much polish as you might get on an OEM plug but not bad either.


There's probably a strategy for trimming the wires for this kind of plug, where the right-channel wire is longer than the others. Meh.

You need a little flux on the ground lug but that is normal IMHO.


Put a little heatshrink over the connections just because i felt like it. In retrospect i could have coated everything with silicone grease first. Really, the neat trick would be a reusable mold to cast this section in RTV silicone.


The threads aren't machined as nice as you'd find on a Neutrik or Switchcraft. So i put a little white PVA glue on the threads so they won't come loose. I used to be able to buy a waxy blue threadlocker that was totally unlike locktite that would be great for this kind of thing, but, haven't seen it in over a decade. A literal sealing wax would be a great thing to use here if you are doing a paid repair.

The threads for the adapter seem just fine. Go figure.


And there it is. I swabbed the contact areas with deoxit because that's my habit, and I'm listening to my ATH-AD700 right now with the new plug and adapter.
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