Finally broke down and bought an IPOD, Looking for advice on acc.
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Jan 17, 2007
Hey there guys, been a dedicated FLAC listener on my COWON x5 for a while now but recently broke down and bought a 120GB 6th gen ipod. Found out that they are not supported yet on rockbox or ipodlinux so i have to use ALAC if i want to do lossless. Regardless, to properly experience lossless i think a LOD is in order etc etc. Right now i have no accessories for it accept some stylish brown leather case the guy sold it to me with and the standard USB cable.

My main questions are:

1. What LOD is the best bang for buck IYO
2. What sort of dock for at my computer listening is the best bang for buck that looks stylish and does AC wall charging.
3. What accessories have you found to be your favourites?
4. What program quickly and easily will convert my FLACS to ALAC on my windows PC?

I recently saw a griffin car charger that is sorta like a dock which looks like a good idea. Id like to find something to dock my ipod in my car that will both charge my ipod and hold it securely whilst looking stylish.

Anything with regards to getting the most out of my ipod would be greatly appreciated. I was totally against apple for many reason but they have become so cheap to find used and have good storage capacity and are stylish looking. Can't wait for rockbox support so i can go back to my FLACS.

Cheers all.

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