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++FINAL PRICE DROP++ Zune 120GB, Klipsch S4, Sennheiser HD428, more

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  1. idvsego
    For Sale or Trade
    Selling off my collection to make money for a lawyer. sad occasion all around, but the hobby takes a back seat to this situation. I can always rebuild later. So here is what I have. I need to take some new pics but there are a few around I will dig up...

    Fuze + 8gb - surface scratches on the screen but fully functional. Latest firmware already installed. good sound on this player and I dont mind the controls as much as others. I think its a bit exaggerated honestly. $30 due to scratches

    Klipsch s4 - IEms in perfect condition, all stock tips,cleaner tool, and metal tin included. tin has slight dent in top but is in good shape still. $50

    I have a pair of db Logic headphones around here I am looking for. cool little portables if anybody is interested. would be cheap...like $30.
    Zune 120GB - perfect condition. has lived in a case its whole life and spent the last 2 years only being used on a dock at home. no scratches on the screen or housing, good battery life, HDD is rocks solid performer. Comes with zune a/v dock, a crystal clear case, and a semi rigid zippered case with space for IEM storage. $SOLD
    Cowon J3 8gb - perfect condition, comes with a aqua black ringke case and screen protector. $SOLD

    iPod Touch 8gb 2nd gen, later release - appears that the 3rd gen 8gb isnt really 3rd gen.  They just re-released the 8gb models but didnt update some of the hardware.  I am not much of an apple man so thanks to a forum member here that pointed that out to me.  screen is perfect, some minor scratches on the backing. Battery holds good charge still. rarely used. $SOLD
    Sennheiser hd428 - I cant see anything wrong with them, so I will say another set in perfect shape. they have been lightly used ona daily basis for about 6 months. Kept in a storage bag at all times when not in use so cable is in in great shape. $SOLD
    Fischer Audio Eterna v1 - perfect shape from the second reproduction run made recently. all stock tips included. 1 pair of Phonak ear guide included if price is right. $SOLD
    Hippo VB - perfect shape, light usage. all stock tips plus an installed pair of Shure Olives in Medium. Will include 1 set of Phonak silicone ear guides if you want them and price is right. $SOLD

    I think thats it, but I will bump if I add anything or change prices.
  2. krup
    Sent PM.
  3. idvsego
    J3 sold, bump for rest
  4. idvsego
    added pics of the ipod
  5. idvsego
    ipod and eterna sold, bump for price drop on Klipsch and Zune
  6. idvsego
    VB sold, bump for remaining items
  7. idvsego
    last bump before zune goes on ebay
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