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Final choice: CAL! or SONY MDR-ZX-700?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by kurd, Feb 26, 2012.
  1. kurd
    so finally I'm down to 2 headphones! 
    I've head the sq of the MDR ZX-700 and I was very pleased with it.
    I haven't heard the CAL! though.. I can't seem to find the CAL! anywhere near me either (I live in the Netherlands). So I can't really judge the sq. 
    I have seen the unboxing of a CAL! and to me it looks kinda cheap. I'm not saying the zx-700 looks like it's worth $1000, but I'm just saying the CAL! looks cheap :p 
    many people are pleased with the sq of the CAL! so that's why I don't know if I should buy the zx-700. 
    If someone has heard the sq of both headphones, could you please tell me which one is better, or which one you prefer? 
  2. kurd
    can someone please reply?
  3. ssrock64
    Reviews of the CAL! tend to be a bit overblown, mostly written by first-timers. However, they're still a great value for the money. That said, I think the ZX700 beats them at almost everything.
  4. eltocliousus
    I'd go with the ZX700s.
  5. Zulkr9
    If you like deep low and punchy bass the CAL! would be better as the zx700 does not have the bass impact the call has. The mids on the zx-700 fare better though. The zx-700 are more neutral while the cals are coloured but many people like the cals colourations that being said you  should demo them and see which suits your taste.
  6. zazex
    Sound better, made better.
  7. jgray91
    IMO if you already listened to the sony and liked it, you should go with that. I have the CAL, but never heard the Sony, so I can't help much other than to say that my impression of the CAL mirrors most written in Head-fi, to a certain degree of course.
  8. MalVeauX


    Get the Sony.
    Very best,
  9. Kerry56
    Here are Tyll Hertsens reviews on these two headphones: 
    They come out in a dead heat, basically.
    If you've heard the ZX700 and like it, I think you should go with it.  I have the CAL and think it is one of the very best headphones under $100.  Great sq, deep bass without bleeding into the mids, fairly comfortable for pleathor pads.  But it isn't built to withstand abuse.  If you are careful with your headphones, as I am, it should never be an issue, but I don't know if you plan on using these as portables.
  10. Amarphael

    um NO, look at the FR charts and tell me who's the more colored 'phones between them- The Zx700 are very noticeably mid centric sounding. IME with the CAL those are quite accurate sounding headphones, the mids are quite linear and tonally certainly closer to the Z1000 that i owned than my ESW9's. They are very very competent little headphones.

  11. gpgalanis
    Hi guys. Are the Sony MDR-ZX700 comfortable to wear around the neck when not listening to music?
  12. kebbin15
    Heard both, I think I prefer the CAL! over ZX700.
  13. RayleighSilvers
    CAL's feel very fragile and congested. I wouldn't personally pick them.
  14. mingamo
    Cal has this great anti-honkiness that makes anything comparable sound like a nasally mess.
    i dig my cals and ive listened to zx700's and thought they sounded-honky :)
    take that as a biased review but dayum i love them.
  15. iamthem
    CAL!'s sound brilliant. Get them; you won't regret it especially since their so cheap and good. The sound stage and separation is oh-so good and the treble and midrange is both smooth and detailed. The bass is not as detailed but still nice; deep and punchy. They look a bit... shoddy, but on closer inspection the build quality is really quite good. They definitely won't survive as portables though. I wrote a mini-comparison/review: http://www.head-fi.org/t/600120/tf10-vs-cal-aka-denon-d1001 - correction: they use the same driver as denon d1001 but are NOT an OEM version, apparently Creative just got the same drivers from Fostex. I haven't run any comparisons with world class headphones, but below $150 (*cough* ath m-50 *cough*) I've yet to hear anything better than the CAL!'s.

    By the way, Tyll's review on the CAL!'s are the most comprehensive I've seen.

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