Final Audio Piano Forte X-G
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Apr 17, 2013
Hi, here comes the world's most expensive IEM on sale
Bought from Musicaacoustics for $2450, invoice can be seen in any of the photos provided. Had it for about 3 weeks, finally decided to sell it to fund my home rig. The headphone is selling at great discount compared to the market price (include shipping).
It has a very special sound signature, therefore it cannot be compared to any of the other IEMs on this forum. It produces the best instrumental response I have ever heard, even on some high-end large on(over) ear headphones.
You need to be aware that it is made out of gold-plated chrome. It is relatively heavy and it does not fit everyone's ear. However, the earpieces won't drop out that easy as long as you remain the right position.
It has a only one scratch on the upper left ear piece, it is very small. I tried to picture that scratch but the camera didn't do the job of catching that, which also proves that it is very trivial and unnoticeable. The sound, otherwise, is phenominal and flawless. 
Despite it is the first time I sell stuff on headfi, I am a well-reputated ebayer. The reason I didn't put it on ebay is to avoid large transaction cost. Feel free to check out or send a message to my ebay ID: jackson77881992 on ebay if you want to verify my statement.
Please be aware, the headphone is selling in AUD, and it is an used pair with one scratch I observed so far.
One last thing, I only wish to trade it with members who has Fitear togo 334s, for the 2nd edition ones with Matte back finish, I am willing to trade it with no extra cost. If you happen to have the first edition of tg334, you may need to pay extra 200 dollars to make up the price difference, considering the retail price for PFX-G. No fraud please. Wish a geniune transaction.
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