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Final Audio Make1

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by Sound Eq, Aug 21, 2019.
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  1. Sound Eq
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    For Sale is my Final Audio Make1 which I bought from ECT store in Hong Kong

    It comes with all accessories ( note some Filter type A have been used and 1 of the 10 Type A 1 filer is missing ). I can guarantee that at least 70% of all Type A 1-10 filters are fine to be used again for returning. And 50% of all Type A 1-10 filters have not been used at all

    Installed now is Filter A6 and Filter B3 which is why you are not seeing those in pics



    Buyer pays shipping 30 USD worldwide and 4% paypal

    IMG-0021.JPG IMG-0022.JPG IMG-0023.JPG IMG-0024.JPG IMG-0025.JPG IMG-0026.JPG IMG-0027.JPG
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019

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