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Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. F700
    Same opinion here. It actually sounds more mature than the Tin Hifi T3, that was too bright for me. At USD 30.- the E1000 is a strong offering from Final and delivers a "sufficiently" good sound for non-critical listening. Finally, the cable is high quality and sturdy. This IEM looks more durable than most of its competitors. Perfect for commuting.
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  2. Wheel Hoss
    B1 vs Polaris II?

    My top 2 contenders for hybrid IEM purchase.
  3. jwbrent
    My review on the B1 has been posted. I'll be working on my review of the B3 over the next few days and should have it up by mid week next ...
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  4. aisalen
    Also post this in N3 thread. In my experience paired with WM1A, my ranking are the ff.:
    1. Final E5000
    2. Sony N3BP
    3. Ibasso IT03
    4. Sony XBA A3 (Already sold)
    5. KZ ZS6

    I like my wm1a with N3/E5000 more than my HD600/650 and Jot/DV 336SE desktop setup.
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  5. F700
    We share the same love for these 2 affordable yet fantastic sounding IEMs. My ranking is the same as yours, but given the source and my mood, the N3 sometimes has the edge over the E5000. The Fearless S8F remains in another league in terms of resolution, but only works with a warmer sounding source, the Calyx M for example.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  6. akarise
    I'd be very interested in a comparison too. I've been a huge Final fan for years now, with the Heaven V being the first pair of headphones or IEMs that really wowed me. Eventually upgraded to the Heaven VII as my daily driver, which I absolutely loved, until they stopped working about 6 months ago. Just got the Meze Rai Penta (which ironically also translates to Heaven V) in yesterday and I think I found my endgame IEM as I've been struggling to find anything I dislike about them, from the sound, to the build quality, to the comfort. But then I'm just finding out today about the B series and was surprised that Final is trying out a hybrid design with the B1 like the one that the Rai Penta has since they've always been single driver purists for the most part. The B3 is also really interesting as it seems to have a similar sound signature to the Heaven VII based off the impressions I've seen. I don't think I'd get anything from this new B-series line since I'm so happy with the Rai Penta, but I'm going to keep following the news about them since it seems like Final is going through an interesting transition phase with this new line. Maybe when their new vision fully matures, I'd be interested in getting a new flagship IEM of theirs.

    Btw, I'd be happy to do comparisons with the Rai Penta for anyone who wants to send me some loaner pairs of the B-series haha :wink:
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  7. F700
    More and more reviews available for the B1... A lot of good words for it also. Cannot wait for the B3 review of yours. B1 has been ordered today :)
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
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  8. ashleydoormat
    Thanks for the review @jwbrent ! This is my question from your review page: The B1 sounds like a more refined E5000. Do you have any impressions comparing the two IEMs?

    On a side note, I got some PCOCC cable a couple of days ago from Aliexpress after 1 month voyage and I was surprised to find that I could hear a lot more details and air in the mid and treble regions on my E5000. Previously recessed instruments like piano and vocal are now more clearly audible. I always thought that piano is hard to reproduce in audio gears. Heck it's actually difficult to hear the quality of a piano in live concert if the acoustic isn't good enough. So I think maybe it's due to the darker blackground of the new cable that brings out the mids and trebles. Now my E5000 is more balance though the bass is still very much present. I'd love to know if any of you have tried different cables on the E and B series!

    IMG_1661.JPEG IMG_1673.jpeg
  9. jwbrent
    After 100 hours of burn-in, I did some listening to the B2 for awhile. Initially when I first received it, I found it harshly bright in the trebles, but now that harshness is gone. Not a bad sounding IEM ... pretty good actually.
  10. jwbrent
    First, regarding your initial question since I have no experience with the E series, I hope someone who has can address your question about the difference between the E5000 and the B1. There are a couple others on this thread (@Dobrescu George & @NymPHONOmaniac) doing B series reviews, and I believe they have first hand experience with the E5000.

    Regarding your question about cabling, no, I haven’t played with other cables at all on the B1, nor do I plan to. I own the D8000 and upgraded the stock cables to the final Silver cables, and the difference was quite apparent and much to my liking. These cables are larger gauge versions of the stock B1/B3 cables, so I expect similar results. If you’d like, I did a review on the final Silver cables which will detail my observations.

    Good luck on your quest!
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  11. aisalen
    The only problem with E5000 is that it is very hard to drive. Pairing it with my wm1a, volume average is 110 in high gain where the maximum is 120 while N3, the average volume is 65.
  12. dairy
    Would you still recommend someone getting the Heaven V now? There's a pair on sale locally in good condition, and I'm curious about them, but am not sure how they compare to more contemporary IEMs. Also a bit wary of the nonremovable cable in case it ends up failing.
  13. akarise
    Well it depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for a bit of that Final magic in a relatively balanced IEM, then I'd say it's worth it, especially if the price is good. Wouldn't recommend if you like thumping bass since it's a single BA obviously. Take this with a grain of salt though because I haven't heard the Heaven V in years and I also haven't kept up with headphone or audiophile news in the last 3 years or so. Also, you're right to be wary of non-removable cables as they always inevitably fail. I've sworn off IEMs with non-removable cables since both my Heaven VII and DITA The Answer had cable failures after a while. It might be safer to go with something from the B-series because of that.
  14. dairy
    Thanks a lot for the input. I have a pair of E5000s and was looking for another pair to complement them (something more balanced with a wider soundstage and airier presentation than my ER4XRs), but it looks like I should probably look elsewhere.
  15. akarise
    Yeah no problem! Hmm, it sounds like you would really like the Heaven VII. Descriptions of the B3 sound mighty close to how I heard the Heaven VII so maybe go for that since it has the removable cable too.
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