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Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. thisismyname
    A8000 was previously named as E8000
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  2. manthisis
    Any of you guys know of any tips that don’t block the front vent of the final E5000? Tips like spiral dots block the vent and make it way too bassy. The final stock tips are falling out of my ear
  3. dairy
    I've been really enjoying my E5000s and have found them to be pretty much ideal in terms of sound signature. I found myself reaching for them more often than any of my other IEMs, to the point where I have sold my Andromedas, Vegas, Comets, and other IEMs.

    I am wondering if there are other IEMs similarly tuned to the E5000, but with a bit more detail in the treble. I've read that the E4000 or the Sony XBA-N3 may be options and will explore those two. Would anyone have any other suggestions? Budget isn't too big of a factor and am happy to pay more for a solid upgrade.
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  4. kailok18
    Really? I was considering the Andromedas or even the Solaris as my next step up. I've had my E5000 for a few weeks and really satisfied so far for what I usually listen to. How do you think the E5000 compare to the Andros?
  5. dairy
    Good to see another Hong Konger here! The Andromedas are fantastic for those looking for more resolution, detail, great separation and imaging, a holographic soundstage, lots of air in the treble, and a more neutral sound signature without being too clinical. I really enjoyed acoustic songs on them, and found that female vocals in particular were breathtaking.

    What I didn't like as much about the Andromedas (which are well documented) was how picky they were with sources, with tips, the potentially awkward fit, condensation on the nozzle (especially in a humid place like Hong Kong), and how they presented what I was listening to the same way, regardless of what genre of music it was. Its sensitivity to output impedance meant that I always had to use them with a DAP, and had to get an IEMatch for all other sources if I wanted to avoid hiss. I played around with dozens of tips (and found Spiral Dots to sound the best), but the condensation issue meant that I had to use foam tips to avoid the issue. I got used to the fit, but it was not comfortable by any means. I also sometimes felt the bass was a bit light for me with certain types of music.

    I think what eventually made me sell them was realizing that the Andromedas, with the sheer amount of detail, kind of force the listener to engage critically with each track, which after a short while, I find too intense. For me, most of my listening is on the go or in the office. I realized a more laid back, warmer sound signature felt much more right for me, especially when I listen for long periods. The E5000s do exactly that. Out of all the IEMs I've sold, however, the Andros are the only pair that I do miss occasionally. But I am very satisfied with my E5000s and don't think the Andros are worth the cost, at least for my use of them.

    I would say, if you haven't tried them yet, try them (and the Solaris) out before getting them. There are a bunch of stores in Hong Kong where you can test them out, and a great used market where Andros are always available, or in demand (let me know if you don't have the website).
  6. zilkhaw
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  7. kailok18
    Thanks pal. Really useful sharing on the Andros. Not particularly keen on the hassle of swapping tips or trying out different cables at this point, too many things going on in life. Actually the one thing I've done is swapping the stock cable with the Final 4.4 cable so I can make full use of the M11.
  8. KopaneDePooj
    Received the Final E3000 today!
    First impressions: I'm 95% pleased with them. The 5% drop is the mid-bass bloom, otherwise they sound excellent to my ear, it is the sound signature that I hoped for: natural, musical, full-bodied vocals, smooth high-mids, smooth highs. L-shaped I guess by general consensus, but for me they are neutral because it is the sound that I like and perceive as neutral.
    Yes the mid-bass is a bit too much, but outdoors it will be beneficial because outdoors you always need more bass :)
    I also love the fact that they are not isolating / claustrophobic. They feel like open cans. Very good soundstage.
    The comfort is stellar, excellent selection of tips - 5 sizes!. Very good materials on the tips.
    For me, this is one of the rare occasions when a pair of headphones / IEMs perfectly fit the description of the reviews I've read about them.
    I also bought the FiiO FH1 based on reviews and it was a big let-down: there was something missing between the bass and the high mids, they had low bass but otherwise sounded thin and disjointed. The E3000 I find very cohesive - the advantage of single driver! I love them!
    I use them with my FiiO Q5 DAC/AMP and they pair perfectly.

    Please tell me if / how will they change after burn-in?
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
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  9. Wheel Hoss
    Acoustune 1650?

    On my list. Crin likes them
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  10. Kiats
    2707B498-B6DA-4C6B-92D6-67D1C4D7D456.jpeg DFF3BB44-8EF9-4C1F-88D5-056D5006BE86.jpeg
  11. Kiats
    The balanced cables for the D8000 have finally arrived. :) Big thanks to Claire and Wilson at JabenSG!
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
  12. SilentNote
    I'd second that. To my ears the Acoustune HS1650CU definitely sounded superior to the E5000 in detail and clarity.
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  13. jwbrent
    You’re going to love the sound, I suspect. I bought both a balanced and unbalanced version for my D8000 and Sonorous VI and I’m very happy with the sound.
  14. dairy
    Thanks for the suggestion. Will see if I can audition them locally.
  15. manthisis
    N3 is a natural upgrade to E5K if you’re looking for more treble performance. It follows a similarly smooth curve except it extends a bit better and the driver is a bit more capable. Definitely give it a shot.
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