Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS vs Sennheiser IE800's
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Sep 23, 2012
Now since I've been more involved on Head-Fi, my passion for quality sound has increased dramatically. I have a pair of IE80's that I bought a year or so back, which have now been joined by the IE800's in my collection.

Now I find myself looking at the FAD FI-BA-SS...which is better? Luckily I've been given a set of FAD's to try out for a week or so before committing to them.

Here are my thoughts so far.

IE800 - Great soundstage, very deep bass, - very good with the likes of Daft Punk - RAM. Build quality is excellent, however not having fully removable cables is a concern...but they are pretty hefty and look like they'll last.

FAD's - Very airy sound, wide soundstage, bass around 50% of the IE800's, mids are crystal clear / tight sounding, highs are excellent without being too bright. Took me sometime to accustomise to their sound after all my Senn's.. Very good with female vocal / acoustic type tracks. on first listen, I didn't like at all, but stick with them for about 7 hours listening time, trying various genres.

Cables on the FAD's look very thin and a weak point to me. I'm finding myself being extremely careful with them so as not to inadvertently damage them - especially at the driver end.I don't think it's affecting the sound however, but still i'd like to have seen removable instead of hardwired with a 1k pair of IEM's.

Overall I'll stick with my IE800's...not because I can fault the sound of the FAD's, but more because my musical tastes suit the IE800's better. If you're into Classical or more Acoustic type tracks then the FAD's are worth a listen.

At the £500+ price point, I'd say it's going to be hard to find something that's really bad - it will come down to musical tastes.

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