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Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Bloos, Apr 27, 2017.
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  1. bronco1015
    i'm sorry I never got back to you, i'd say they were near perfection for what I was looking for. Deep full impactful bass when it's called for, very dynamic, after nearly 2 weeks thinking back i'd say the soundstage could have been bigger, honestly felt like the soundstage was bigger on the mr. Speakers Aeon Flow open or AFO, but the Afo and other headphones had harshness on tracks where the d8,000 didn't. E.G. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies where the chimes come in, some headphones render a sharp piercing sound at certain volumes while the D8000 didn't in the slightest. Atrack that can sound a bit muddy even on high end equipment is old souls from inception, the intro can sound muffled, keep in mind this is at higher volumes. The d8000s I felt distinguished each nuance of the piece. Also keep in mind I was in a noisy environment. It might seem weird to say but I felt like imaging on the 8000s was spectacular while soundstage a bit narrow, I want to hear them in a quiet setting. Maybe a touch to much treble, but the adjustment would be so minoot. Can't emphasize that enough. mids were right where i'd have them, and if i'm nitpicking the treble, i'd say tighten up the bass the tiniest of tiny amounts.
    The AFO treble didn't sound really sharp BTW, but mor so than D8000. In the end, for me anyway, knowing these will be out in the wild, I may pick them up one day, but I went ahead and got the AFO as I feel like I can EQ out the things I don't like about it. I don't feel like the D8000 is worth the amount it retails for when I can get the AFO for literally $3,000 less and get a headphone that still complements my HD800S and punches well abuv it's price point when compared to higher priced headphones.
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  2. Muinarc
    I listened to these twice at RMAF to confirm my impressions. The conditions weren't optimal but my gut first short impression is that the bass goes really deep and has great impact, the highs were fairly smooth, sound profile probably a slight U(?). The highs were a little bright of neutral, combined with the solid bottom end the mids seemed left out of the fun lol. The mids didn't stick out to me as being particularly amazing or lacking or anything, just a little buried by the other two ends of the spectrum.

    Build was quite nice, they are a bit heavy, those drivers are packed with magnets on both sides in push-pull and they add up to a hefty headphone. The clamp might have been a bit too snug on my big head but the headband looks like some bending can be done if needed.
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  3. bronco1015
    Audio46 has these up for preorder right now! never purchased from them, not sure if they ship internationally, but I poast that because sounds like these will be out very soon.
  4. Giraku
    Audio46 is great. It's my favorite go-to place. I don't have any experience with international shipping from them, though.
  5. ToroFiestaSol
    (Detective Conan hat on)

    Using rudimentary Google translator:
    "Although the Hong Kong Music Exhibition has been exhibited, but the venue noisy I decided to give up, but fortunately this time also on display. According to Final Audio UK distributors pointed out that the flat headphone overall frequency response is almost a straight line, but in a bass range of a considerable range of instability. He rested that other brands responded by using a larger flat panel unit. Final Audio is the development of two slices, according to scientific methods to add tiny holes to solve this problem.

    I use my own FiiO X7 MKII source line out output to the site to provide the ear expansion beyerdynamic A20 audition. Yes, yes beyerdynamic A20 comes with Final Audio. This is the case, Final Audio flat headphones sound majestic, low frequency loose but according to my preferences in terms of density slightly higher, and the amount is also a little more. I think this is not the voice of the dark side, but it is undeniable that this sound is quite masculine. I have the impression of Final Audio based on piano forte / FI-BA-SS / Heaven V Aging, etc., although not a comprehensive tuning direction, but its personality is very strong, very graceful. Although Final Audio has changed from generation to generation, but the brand sound changes or quite large, strong personality this point is the same.

    This headset asking for £ 3,000, for me is quite an impact."

    This seems to go according to the majority of the RMAF reports (big bass but not the tightest and slightly U shaped sounding)
    So, they're correcting that for the final production model to make it neutral and tighter sounding? (which would be awesome, at least for me)

    @Oscar-HiFi you're a Final Audio UK distributor, please, could you explain a little more about this?
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  6. Oscar-HiFi
    Well I don't know what the final sound is going to be like as we do not have a final sample yet :D but the prototype was very mellow and warm sounding.

    The first part you outlined in bold is badly translated, basically planar drivers have inherent issues and brands are always looking for ways to solve these. Final have come up with their Air Film Damper system that is a fine metal mesh, and controls the air movement without the need to put a wedge of felt behind the driver like Audeze do.

    I am hoping we will get a final tuning version at some point soon so I can update with impressions :)
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  7. ToroFiestaSol
    Nice to know, thanks!
  8. ToroFiestaSol
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  9. ToroFiestaSol

    Been digging a bit more, it seems that Final got help from more companies to develop this one, one was Yamaha (that's why it is inspired on HP-1) and they used Yamaha measuring equipment, and looked between a lot of ideal target responses.
    So yes, this is not tuned to sound like a vintage horn speaker in a bathroom, this is well done...I'm excited lol

    Innerfidelity measurements of Yamaha HP-1 (released in the 70s):

    If they do it correctly, this is going to kick some serious @ss
  10. LaCuffia
    These do look really sharp.....are the pads a type of fabric or leather/pleather? I can't tell from the photos.

    It's damn expensive though. I wish it was in the $2K range.
  11. ToroFiestaSol
    According to 6moons, they'll release a full line of planar headphones between 300€ and 5000€, we only have to wait :)

    http://www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/munich2017/9.html (scroll down)
  12. Oscar-HiFi
    We got the retail version in today, they've got to go straight out to a reviewer. But pre burn-in, they sound superb, a lot better than the prototype we had in. The sound is not artificially wide like the HD800 series, but is very well separated and layered. The midrange is intimate and there is so much detail there, the bass has weight and rumble when needed, but keeps in line for the rest of the time. They are still on the slightly smoother side of sound, but the highs extend effortlessly and are not a dark sounding headphone.

    I cannot wait for more time with these, when they return from the reviewer in question.

    The earpads are fabric :D
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  13. ToroFiestaSol
    Music to my ears, neutral, natural and slighlty smooth is the dream for me...will wait a bit so I can know the entire line of products, but 99,5% sure I'll buy one if it has that kind of sound signature (it was my main fear, knowing how "weird" their other headphones sounded according to people and measurements).
  14. Oscar-HiFi
    They have gone around the office, remember these are pre burn-in, but everyone loves them. Jaw droppingly good, they have nailed the sound of these. More akin to a very good hifi system, with a more emotional approach (typical Final) but backed by technological knowhow.

    The sub-bass just comes out of a black background, always there but never overwhelming. The detail retrieval... everything just sounds effortless, and they can be driven from a portable device.

    Our MD had a listen, and he came out of his office and said "I don't say this often, but these are ******* good" haha :D
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  15. LaCuffia
    How is the comfort? I think they are over 500 grams, which is close to being too heavy, but it's all about weight distribution and pad/headband design.
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