Filter fell into IEMs! Any ideas? Nevermind
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Oct 31, 2012
I have the Vsonic R06s and I really enjoy them. I used them for work (construction) and loved the isolation and SQ. One day I was cleaning them and noticed some build-up on the filter/screen. This build-up was blocking the sound, making it quieter on that side. I used something to try to clean off the screen and accidentally pushed the filter/screen into the drum of the IEM. It didn't seem to effect the sound, so I just left it.
Today, I was doing some regular listening (outside of the noise of work) and discovered one side was again louder than the other. I noticed build-up on the filter that had not been pushed into the iem and decided to clean it by soaking it in a solution. It cleaned right up, but now the other ear is quieter :frowning2: So, i'm wondering if the filter being pushed to the inside of the drum is causing problems. Any ideas? I can easily fix the problem while listening on the computer by dropping the level of the louder ear by 5db, but that doesn't really help with the ipod.
I'm open to any suggestion or idea.
Edit So, new that I've listened for awhile the sound level as fixed itself
  Each side has the same level and they certainly did not before. . . oh well at least the problems solved

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