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FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by superuser1, Jul 6, 2017.
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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Trust your ears.

    Don't trust strangers.
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  2. kalo86
    Sure, it could be the amp module, but I want to underline that with the smartphone I feel a clearer sound, not muffled. I really don't want a warmer sound signature... I hope that the AM5 will solve the muffled tonality of IE800 on X7ii+AM3A.
  3. Dobrescu George
    Oh yes, ie800 is the one which is V-shaped! So the difference in volume might be given by it.

    Given how AM03 sounded, I'd expect AM03A to be similarly neutral actually.

    Also, I think I will like AM03A, I never disliked the sparkly top end of ie800, it is a lot a thing which I like.
  4. Brooko Contributor
    In that case AM5 or AM2 won't fix it. Both are warmer. And if the AM3A sounds muffled to you - I'd be looking for another IEM or another DAP.
  5. Dobrescu George
    Muffled? This is interesting. I have not heard X7mkii yet, so I honestly don't know why it would sound like that. will surely test for this now.
  6. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Anyone ever heard a muffled dac in their entire life?


    How about a muddy dac?


    It's the drivers that do those things. C'mon folks

  7. Dobrescu George
    ie800 is quie bright by itself, this is why I'm curious about this.

    if you've heard it, ie800 can be thin, sparkly, splashy, bassy, but I haven't heard it sound muffled with something before, I'm curious what might have happened.
  8. kalo86
    Maybe user @Slim1970 could explain much better the impressions about IE800 powered by AM3A module.
    Probably "muffled" is not the best word to explain whay I feel but I am sure that I feel a warmer sound if compared to what I hear from the smapthone. Of course with the same audio file (flac 14/44) and Neutron Music Player without equalizing.
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  9. Slim1970
    Boy, things got interesting overnight. The AM3A can drive the IE800's but I'm increasing the volume to the 90 - 100 range to get them to open up. Even then I've heard the IE800's sound better. Like @Brooko is explaining maybe it is a question of tonality and synergy. To my ears there's to much warmth to sound and the dynamics that I'm use to with the IE800's aren't there. That could be what I'm not liking about the combination. The AM5 module definitely make the IE800 sound better to my ears. The IE800's sounded full range and open again with this module. For me, this is why I purchased the X7 MKII in the first place. The interchangeable amp modules allows for flexibility to work with a variety of iem's and it's an all in one solution. As a comparison, my SE846 sound absolutely fantastic with the AM3A module which makes me a believer in component synergy.
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  10. vaibhavp
    Component synergy is very important.

    So it is actually possible to get decent sound out of se jack of x7 ii depending on iem?

    This is getting confusing. Also i was not expecting it to sound too warm considering there is sabre chip used.

    Can anyone comment on dac tonality using line out?
  11. kalo86
    I fully agree your post. I hope to read other comments from IE800's owners.
  12. Marvellous_DAP
    I had a "muffled" Mojo. Seriously, I was lucky to grab a Mojo with distorted sound on Day 1, which sounded "muffled" indeed, and got it exchanged for another one the next day.

    Other than that, all DAC sounded fine with all my IEM, including IE800 (bought it when it was initially released). In those days, DAP were not as advanced as what you get today, and all can drive my IE800 easily including ipod and sansa clip (this one still with me for jogging and still sounded great for jogging).

    X7 II with AM3A sounded so much clearer and musical than any of DAPs that I had, and if yours sounded muffled, it is probably hardware problem like my Mojo. Time to bring back for a check.

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
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  13. Slim1970
    Yep, I love the way my SE846's sound from the SE connection on the AM3A module. I switched out the blue filter and put in the white filter and boy do these things sound good.
  14. DShim
    Previously owned the X5iii and currently listening on my X7ii. 100% agree with the analysis posted by Headfonic on their review. I've pasted the bit in comparison between the 2 below, but do by all means read their entire review of the X7ii.



    The X5iii has a fuller sounding thicker low-end response compared to the X7ii but if you listen carefully I think the X7ii with the AM3a has better snap, texture, and detail so it comes across a little more dynamic in comparison to the softer more languid X5iii bass, particularly sub-bass which benefits from the more linear curve of the AM3a.

    Vocals on the X7ii/AM3a are more vivid and slightly further forward with more presence than the X5iii which trades it up for a thicker note and a smooth rounded delivery. It doesn’t quite have the sparkle and energy of the X7ii/AM3a particularly as you move through the upper mids and lower treble which is generally more resolving and articulate.

    Instrumental timbre on the X7/AM3a is generally more neutral and accurate compared to the richer more euphoric tones of the X5iii. The X5iii tends to sound a little softer in attack with slightly longer decay with an emphasis on general musicality compared to the more precise control and cleaner attack of the AM3A/X7II combination.

    Wonder if other X5iii and X7ii owners concur.
  15. Marvellous_DAP
    X7 II delivers one of the most musical and detailed sound on any IEM. Don't read too much on reviews though, just do your own audition.

    It sound great in SE, and sound excellent in Balanced (if you have a Balanced Out IEM/Headphones).

    I suspect what some users commented are very subtle differences in sound differences as compared to their other DAPs, which may have been the sound signature they were used to.

    Again, we all have our own preference and reading preference from different users may not do justice to your own ears.

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