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FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by superuser1, Jul 6, 2017.
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  1. Bluess
    Another option is buying neutron music
  2. lantian
    And it does nothing to prevent the cpu from going under 800mhz, whatever is its function cpu clock control is definitely not one of them. I am talking about something else completely.
  3. bootster
    I have already bought Neutron. I use either that with Android, or just the pure music mode when not using Android. I really like Neutron. It has a ton of options that I know nothing about, but I have been toying around with them and finding out that a lot of them are useful.

    Just waiting on a new firmware release from FIIO. I would really like to get past this 1.06 firmware.
  4. stilleh
    What guide did you use to root it?
  5. lantian
    The one on Fiio's forum with kingroot, spent about 1h till it finally worked.(wanted to give up for it not working, but in the end it did). Just have to use the old kingroot app and try until it succeeds, took atleast 30-40 tries for me.
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  6. Peti
    I'm really intrigued by this player and wondering if it can output native dsd (or DoP) up to 256 to my Chord mojo via coax?
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2018
  7. haoyuan
    Coax input is 128 max on the mojo.
    Peti likes this.
  8. Peti
    That I didn't know! Thank you!!

    So let me re-phrase it: can the Fiio X7 Mark II output double dsd via coax?
  9. ledzep
    Output is DSD 64
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  10. joefig44
    Is there an alternative to the i7 Mark II that has the same or better audio quality but is in a smaller form factor? I was looking at the XDP-02U as an example.

    I think the i7mkII is great, other than it's just too big for me to carry around all the time.
  11. stenog
    Maybe consider the M9. Don't think it will beat the X7II though. These very small daps are not "better" than the X7II. You could also go all in on one of the LG smartphones. :). Very good sound quality for a smartphone.

  12. bootster
    I am really shocked that people are now seeing a unit as small as the X7 Mk II, as "too big" for what it does. We are really demanding a lot from these engineers, and coming across as a demanding. Next thing we know we will have complaints that the NVMe "gumstick drives" are too large and need to be made the size of a dime.

    The reason that I personally don't want the size to be smaller is because the screen size is already too small. It is a real conundrum that has been haunting the tablet and laptop manufacturers for decades. There is an argument for a bigger screen, and also for a smaller unit. The FIIO X7 Mk II is pretty much right at the sweet spot if you ask me. I'm waiting for a protective display where you can take a diminutive DAP and project the display to make it as big as needed on a surface that's not dependent on the size of the unit itself. There's a novel idea for you!
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  13. ledzep
    I have the M7 as well mainly for the btr3 use and it's a great little player
  14. snip3r77
    We need a faster UI dap
  15. Judge584

    Is new firmware still planned for this month?
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