FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by superuser1, Jul 6, 2017.
  1. Darren Cotter
    I've just tried it and the sliders didn't work when the EQ was off.

    I know why they do it, but I wish DAP manufacturers didn't drop the volume when the EQ is activated. Questyle doesn't. Sometimes those 6dB or so make all the difference on some recordings.
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  2. stilleh
    I´ve been lurking for a while now since I upgraded to the mrkII at xmas. Got to say that I love the hell out of it. For my use, I have no complaints at all. I use it in pure mode, with Tidal and Spotify, as USB-dac and with Neutron.

    @FiiO : I have one wish for upcoming firmware upgrades though and that would be to be able to change how the scroll wheel performs. A setting that let´s you alter how many clicks/volume steps the wheel scrolls when you use it. For me, I feel it´s to slow and I have to turn the wheel too many times to set it where I want it betwwen changing iems. If that could be implemented I´d be a happy camper.
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  3. Sonic-Debris
    Thanks for the reply, yes I think it was a mixture of things that happened, all in a rushed 20 minute store test :)
    When the guy handed me the Fiio X7MKII he pressed play, but when I played with it no audio was coming out, I had to press play/pause a few times and pull the balanced plug out 3 times to get sound out of the player, then the menu was kind of sluggish which I found very off putting, I did try to mess with the EQ and I did enable it, but maybe the software was freaking out. I also tried to use the Viper settings, but it was trying to direct me to a store, the player was in pure audio mode also. Its hard to decide what to get really, I thought having an full android player would be great, but I don't use streaming services, and don't really have a need for playstore, unless it is to use better players like Hiby. It's funny how you can research things then go into a store and lean towards something totally different. The AK products are also very vague about specs, no where on the site do they say Ram or Cpu specs, so hard to tell if the thing will slowdown when I fill it with music.
  4. Bluess
    @FiiO will there be an amp module with balance lineout? I'm really eager to match X7II with another balance amp
  5. sjb57
    Maybe the store device did not have up to date FW. Some Viper effects are not free so you might have been trying to test a function that needed to be bought. Like you, I don't really need Android, but I can tell you that my x7ii is sonically delightful. I can't speak for AK but with the X7ii I believe you do get a high spec device (as published), and with the exception of a few FW desires like ReplayGain, it does everything I could want in Pure Music Mode. Albeit my songs are only my CD rips to FLAC, nothing with exotic frequencies & bit rates. Good luck with your choice.
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  6. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Will reported your suggestion to our product manager. But currently, we didn't consider about this. You may try the K5 for help instead.

    Best regards
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  7. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    We will report to the engineers and check whether this feature could be added.

    Best regards
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  8. vipervick
    So, after listening for a bit I have some complaints.

    1. No album displayed. It shows the artist and song, but no album. I want to see what damn album is playing. Most of my music I can't tell by the album art. My old ass iPod does this.
    2. No shuffle all function. There is a shuffle, but it plays song titles in alphabetical order. And if there are multiple versions of a song, it plays all of them. I want a smart shuffle. My old ass iPod does this.
    3. Info doesn't display on my car stereo via bluetooth. It shows the info when paired with my iPhone using Foobar2000 media player.
  9. ceiji
    @FiiO I have a request. In folder view, please add ability to play all songs from the current folder and its subfolders. Right now, it just has the ability to play songs from the current folder.
  10. Bluess
    I see, too bad. I travel a lot so desktop is not an option for me. I heard there's a new module coming. Can you give more details about it?
    I'm also very interested in a portable amp with rollable opamp like e12diy. If there's anything like that happen soon. I hope there will be a much bigger space so I can fit some custom opamp like sparkoss
  11. Dobrescu George
    To give a bit of help:

    1. I haven't noticed this one, it doesn't show even if you tap on the screen? (I browse by folder, and my logic is for example Thrash / Metallica / 2003 - St. Anger / 03. Some Kind Of Monster.flac), so I never required this before since I always browse to this part, interesting that it wouldn't show it

    2. The shuffle should work normally, maybe there is something strange going on. You have to go to all music, select the first song, then turn shuffle on, that way it should do a pretty nice shuffle. About not repeating the multiple versions of a song, I think that has more to do with having multiple versions of the same song, I'd probably want them all to be there.

    3. That is something quite different between Android and iPhone, if you can find an Android phone that shows it correctly with a certain app, maybe you can try to use that same app with X7mkii! I'd recommend using the LO to your car's Line In if there is one, this is how I used both X7mkii and DX200 while on long car trips, and they worked wonders !
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  12. superbike999
    From what I remember, if you select the volume via the wheel, you can slide the volume slider up and down with your finger. It works very fast so just be careful you don't blast your ears. It's not a feature I use myself but it's there if you want it.
  13. superbike999
    Have you tried selecting "play through folders" in settings. It may solve your problem. I think the idea of it is that it moves to the next folder when it has finished playing your current folder.
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  14. haoyuan
    Upcoming is the AM3A with a 4.4 balanced plug
  15. MarioCaires
    @FiiO There is a very handy feature with Android 7.0+ for those with an Android phone called "Instant Tethering" which would make the DAP connect automatically to your phone to use it's data connection whenever both are in close proximity. The question is, is there any plans to update the Android OS to 7.0 in the future?

    Thanks in advance!

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