FiiO X7 Mk II 2GB RAM + 64GB ROM + ESS9028 PRO + Balanced + DSD + BT 4.1 aptX + Dual mSD + Dual Band WiFi + Opt Out

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  1. damex
    @FiiO is there any news about usb-audio output (otg-like) for x7 mk2?

    i just checked what fiio offers - seems like am0 'amp' is non-functional/not working right now.
  2. superbike999
    Pot calling kettle springs to mind
  3. ExpatinJapan
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  4. Cecala
    Thanks for the review. How close would you say the Fiio is to the other two Daps you made comparisons with, in percentage terms.
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  5. vaibhavp
    Fantastic review.

    I see you mentioned alien+ but just stopped short of comparing them. Does alien + belong to same league as x7ii and opus#3?

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  6. Soundsgoodtome
    Anyone have impressions on the X7mk2 and Shure SE846?
  7. ExpatinJapan
    Its not an easy thing to measure exactly. Twister6 did an excellent comparison already, as well as various dap comparisons on Headfonics review of the FiiO X7ii.

    The FiiO X7ii is an excellent dap, but its apples and oranges. There is surely a jump up to the Opus#2 and iBasso DX200 to my ears in terms of depth, timbre, layering, imaging, micro detailing, resolution and sound stage. As there is a jump from the Opus#3 to the Opus#2. But generally i try to steer clear from comparisons in my reviews and just try to describe the dap as it is, there are other writers who cover such points.
    My testing and results do stem from comparative listening though.

    From the review: "The slightly higher priced Opus#2 and DX200 surpass it in more micro detailing, layering, timbre and a larger and defined sound stage.
    But that is to be expected and the jump between them can be quite noticeable to the trained ear, it is also incremental to an extent and takes nothing away from the FiiO X7 Mark 2 decent performance."

    To an extent the differences are incremental, but with decent in ears the differences are noticeable and significant.
    But bear in mind this doesnt condemn the FiiO X7ii (which is why I shy away from comparisons as they can be misleading at times) as the FiiO X7ii is an excellent performer in itself, and its tone and signature is somewhat different from the afore mentioned daps, it bears a closer resemblance towards the Opus#3 in terms of features, sound signature and target audience.

    the Alien+ is a review I am still working on, as I have just crawled out of the abyss of the Opus#2/FiiO X7ii review combo...phew.

    The Shozy Alien+ is in a world of its own compared to many recent releases, no touch screen, no wifi, SD Card only, basic screen, AK dac chip (advanced version) as compared to the ES/ESS chips.
    The sound signature is quite different to the FiiO X7ii/Opus#3 also. Deeper, richer, fuller..with details..
    In terms of sound quality alone it belongs up there with the X7ii and Opus#3 but is a distant cousin to them.
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  8. tjl5709
    Yep. Moved from X5 mkII to the X7 mkII. Sounds wonderful in balance mode. Clean, accurate, detailed. More power than needed. I'm content.
  9. vaibhavp
    Thanks for concise response.

    I am a little confused now. While i enjoy x5 tonal balance and would like to upgrade it to alien+, part of my mind wants to get contrasting, different flavour signature of x7 ii.

    Also in my research i stumbled upon cozoy rei. That one looks like upgraded alien, as per descriptions. I dont care for features or form factor. I will use the device the way it works.

  10. Frida309
    Anyone have impressions X7mk2 with Chord Hugo 1 or 2?
  11. minusZone
    Are there any kinda sibilants? I'm asking because I have quite annoying ones in the bunch SE846 + Fiio X3 II now. I moved to SE846 from a significantly darker earbud and this effect became noticeable.
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  12. damex
    is x7 mkii optical output coaxial only? does it support spdif?
  13. x RELIC x Contributor
    S/PDiF (Sony / Phillips Digital interFace) standard includes both coaxial and optical output so your question is very confusing.

    Edit: To clarify for you, optical output is literally pulses of light down a plastic or glass tube. Coaxial output is an electrical signal down a wire. Two completely different means of transmitting data, but both are considered S/PDiF. The X7 II has both.
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  14. tjl5709
    I maybe the wrong guy to ask on that one. My 56 year old ears do not hear anything of that nature.
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  15. vaibhavp
    For simplification sake, you should forget word spdif and remember optical or coaxial inputs. X7ii outputs both of these. Sony pha3 has optical input if thats why you are asking.

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