FiiO X7 Mark II (X7ii)

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  1. vrockz
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    For sale FiiO X7 Mark II in great condition. Purchased in February used it a few times for a month at home and work stopped using it ever since I got AK Kann.

    With original packaging and all original accessories except for the Sim removal tool, I lost the tool but will include few Sim removal tools i got from amazon.

    Selling for $500.00 including shipping. Buyer pays PayPal fee.

    *This is only for sale in continental U.S. (lower 48 States)

    *** Price drop to $500.00

    IMG_0064.jpg IMG_0065.jpg IMG_0066.jpg IMG_0067.jpg IMG_0070.jpg IMG_0073.jpg IMG_0074.jpg IMG_0075.jpg IMG_0076.jpg IMG_0077.jpg IMG_0078.jpg IMG_0079.jpg IMG_0080.jpg IMG_0081.jpg IMG_0082.jpg IMG_0083.jpg IMG_0084.jpg IMG_0085.jpg
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  2. ErikV55
    I'll buy,
  3. vrockz
    Bump. Price drop to $500.00
  4. vrockz

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