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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamesfiio, Apr 8, 2014.
  1. harpo1
    The problem with this is if you using a streaming service like Tidal you have to redownload all your offline content which can take forever.
  2. harpo1
    If I'm not mistaken doesn't the X7 format it to Fat32?
  3. Marat Sar
    What's the best line out of the first gen x7s? I'm looking for a very clean line out (to compete with the mojo) and go into portable amps. And I don't know if an ampless or amp3 would be better? Is it even possible to use amp3 as a line out...
  4. Rostyslav
    Yes, you are right. But if you put a card with another format X7 might not respond or read very slow and then hang up. I.e. you will not have a possibility to format this card in X7.
  5. Brooko Contributor
    They have a line-out in the top of the device. Doesn't go anywhere near the amps :wink:
  6. TonyNewman
    Installed the 3.3.3 FW yesterday and have had a few hours with the X7. SQ seems somewhat improved. Some folks reported a brighter sound following the 3.3.2 FW upgrade. I thought the change was subtle, if it existed at all, but now comparing 3.3.2 with the 3.3.3 SQ I am not so sure.

    Anyone else finding the sound improved after the 3.3.3 upgrade?
  7. JaviAl
    New firmware 3.3.3 compared to FW 3.3.0:

    • Moving through FiiO Music is very more slowly and less responsive (responds slower).
    • Removed the option to move the icons in the main/first screen of FiiO Music.

    (Returning again to FW 3.3.0)


    • Is desesperating and frustrating not seeing the full folder/album/song/playlist name when browsing/exploring by library or folders (like various lines) in order to search or detect two albums with similar names:

      For example, i have this different edtions/versions for an album:
      1973 Tubular Bells (2009 Stereo Mixes by Mike Oldfield) (44 kHz) - Mike Oldfield
      1973 Tubular Bells (R2001 Virgin) (DSD64) - Mike Oldfield
      1973 Tubular Bells (R2009 Original 1973 Stereo Mixes) (44 kHz) - Mike Oldfield
      1973 Tubular Bells (R2011 SHM Mercury) (DSD64) - Mike Oldfield

      And actually X7 only shows this, impossible to recognize the different edtions/versions:
      1973 Tubular Bells (... z) - Mike Oldfield
      1973 Tubular Bells (... 4) - Mike Oldfield
      1973 Tubular Bells (... z) - Mike Oldfield
      1973 Tubular Bells (... 4) - Mike Oldfield

      The same for example with various playlist for the same artist like "Prince and The Revolution (The Best).m3u8", "Prince and The Revolution (Rock Selection).m3u8" showing "Prince and The Revolut....).m3u8" and "Prince and The Revolut....).m3u8" respectively. Desesperating and frustrating.

    Also more suggestions (maybe one day, or year):
    • Allow to Queue a song to be the next to play when the actual playing song finished.
    • Allow Fast Forward/Rewind by long pressing next or previous song key.
    • Allow to skip to next song in the next album or folder by pressing or long pressing or two pressing a key.
    • Allow lyrics from TAGS: LYRICS and UNSYNCED_LYRICS.
    • More use of embedded TAGS: Disc Number, Composer, Year, Ratings, etc.
    • Allow library to search, order and select by composer, year, ratings, etc.
    • Allow Fonts size selection for Fiio Music App. Some people has eye visibility problems.
    • Allow more than one artist, genre, etc. in tags separated by semicolon "Pop Rock; Pop; Rock".
    • Allow landscape mode. Like other Android players.
  8. csglinux
    Great feedback - muchas gracias amigo :) I'm also still on 3.3.0. I had to use the upgrade tool to roll back after problems with 3.3.2 and re-installing everything is a bit of a pain. I'm still very happy with 3.3.0 - it's quite usable for me.

    That's quite an advertisement for Tubular Bells :) I clearly need to go and listen to that...
  9. Random Specific
    I recently purchased a gently used Fiio X7 with the AM5 amp module. I "upgraded" from a Pioneer xdp-100r and I really prefer the warmer sound of the X7. One thing, though: I feel as if the AM5 amp is overkill. Since I listen to a very wide variety of music--jazz, hip-hop, classical, drum&bass, classic rock and post-rock--(mainly using Bowers & Wilkins P7s with the X7 set to low-gain and equalizer off), I'm not always happy with the sound. Bass-heavy hip-hop tracks, for instance, come off sounding to overpowering--even with the best .flac files.

    So, my question is: Is there a way to adjust the AM5 via software tweak or some other means, so it "acts like," say an AM2? Are there some settings I can play with in the Fiio Music app?

    Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. TonyNewman
    I use an X7 + AM5 amp module. I set the gain to high in the X7 menu. My headphone is an Aeon closed - not the easiest headphone to drive.

    Apart from being a touch bright, this setup works well for me.
  11. JaviAl
    With FW 3.3.3 constantly stoping/pausing playing for a second or more in the first 5 seconds of a song. Also sometimes this happens all over the duration of a song 3 or 4 times. I'm playing from an OTG USB Pendrive with no issues in FW 3.3.0.

    Seems that firmware since 3.3.1 are developed to X7 MKII in mind and X7 MKI has no suficient resources to run this firmwares well, right, fast and fluid.

    Returning to FW 3.3.0
  12. TonyNewman
    I use Pure Music mode - as I don't use streaming or many other features - I use mine as a basic portable player. 3.3.3 has been quite solid for me so far.

    I know that doesn't help the folks that want/need the android features, but if you are OK with Pure Music mode, then 3.3.3 appears to work fine.
  13. JaviAl
    I only use Pure Music mode. Never use Wi-Fi or any streaming service. All my files are FLAC files at least 44,1 kHz.
  14. TonyNewman
    That is very strange. My upgrade has worked fine with pure music mode. Perhaps try a re-install of 3.3.3?
  15. gordolindsay
    I was wondering if anyone has used the Opus codec on this player? It is supposed to be native to Android 5.1 and higher, so hopefully it would work. If anyone would be willing to try, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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