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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamesfiio, Apr 8, 2014.
  1. tomwoo
    Is this legal to sell mod X7 firmware? @FiiO
  2. Dobrescu George
    We had this conversation before, and it is legal :darthsmile:

    FiiO actually supports the development of third party firmware vendors, it helps them refine the whole device better, AFAIK
  3. Phil Greenfly
    As far as I know, they are not monetized. I downloaded Fidelio firmware for free and it works pretty good.
  4. Fred-svv
    But they have 2 firmware models that are monetized. It's not the same as the free version
  5. Phil Greenfly
    Then it is something I was not aware of, my mistake. But I would guess they have some kind of agreement with Fiio to reproduce their SW in somewhat improved way.
  6. tomwoo
    I like the openness of FiiO!
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  7. FiiO
    We won't interfere or provide support of modding the firmware.
    Best regards
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  8. TomKorn
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  9. FiiO
    The X7 official firmware FW3.3.3 is now available: Click here.

    The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW3.3.3 compared to the FW3.3.2:

    1. Enabled the independent upgrade of FiiO Music app (From now on, we will upgrade FiiO Music app independently);
    2. Improved the jitter issue when fast forward/rewind or play/pause music;
    3. Fixed issue where some tracks might not be played properly;
    4. Fixed issue where the playback would not restart form the begging when pressing the Previous button after playing the first track in a CUE sheet for more than 10 seconds;
    5. Fixed issue where the default sorting method of a newly created playlist would be Alphabetical order;
    6. Fixed issue where the embedded album art of some APE tracks could not be displayed;
    7. Miscellaneous bug fixes.

    Download link: Click here (Download the firmware 3.3.3 from the "Download" section in the right side of the page)
    How to upgrade the X7: Click here
    DAC driver: Click here
    Instruction of using FiiO Music app: Click here
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  10. khestoi
    As an IEM user, how is this compared to x5 3rd gen?
  11. harpo1
    Not sure if anyone else has updated to this build but I wouldn't if I were you. I did and now the FiiO music app freezes the entire system. I've tried everything and it doesn't matter. It makes the X7 unusable. Now I have to use the desktop app to go back to 3.3.2 and redownload my Tidal offline music. Not a happy camper.
  12. Brooko Contributor
    Works fine here
  13. harpo1
    Found out it has something to do with my micro sd card. When it's installed it freezes the system. 3.3.2 this card is fine. Sorry but I have many DAP's and the only ones I ever have issues with sd cards are fiio.
  14. Brooko Contributor
    I usually do a reset before install - it seems to help avoid any issues. New fw seems pretty stable.
  15. Rostyslav
    I had the issue like this with SD too. However, the issue might be easily resolved. Just need to format SD card to FAT32 ignoring card size.

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