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Fiio X5iii Custom Kernel and Scripts | 2016MHz CPU | 20% RAM increase | Undervolting | New DAC drivers | and much more

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jkbuha, May 3, 2019.
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  1. WitzyZed
    Root MAY be needed. One user in this very thread had a kernel installer issue fixed by flashing the SuperSU zip in TWRP before running the aroma installer.
  2. WitzyZed
    The Jan 19 date in your kernel version under about device tells me that you do not have either of the current kernel versions installed.
    The TWRP installer tool, where you check boxes #2 & #3 to replace stock recovery, also replaces the boot.img. When you do that the kernel version lists Jan 19. It will always show 3.0.101+ .
    Flash the SuperSU zip, wipe dalvik/cache, reboot.
    Reboot to recovery, run aroma kernel 3.2 installer, reboot. Check that kernel date has advanced to May.

    Have you already moved two files (epic trailer theme.flac & the one pdf) out of the media folders on the system partition? The install works on Fidelizer 1.2.4 without fuss, not sure about 1.2.1.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  3. lookingforowls
    I have not moved the two files out of the media folders yet. So I guess I need to flash the supersu zip, move those files then run the 3.2 installer ? Hmmmm....ok.
  4. WitzyZed

    Make sure you’ve mounted the system partition.

    Then Advanced, File Manager, then navigate to:


    And delete whatever isn’t bootanimation.zip.

    Then do the rest.
  5. lookingforowls
    Rooted now I can't get past the fidelizer screen or boot in TWRP, What....ugh.
  6. WitzyZed
    Welcome to the X5iii. I said Fidelizer 1.2.4 doesn’t present issues like earlier version did with the custom kernel. On 4PDA everyone is using stock fw 1.2.3 or 1.2.4. Here a mix of that and fidelizer. There is no reason to be stuck on 1.2.1. You can install the old FiiO music app and install the sound envelope from that firmware.

    And did you perform any sort of backup procedures in TWRP beforehand?

    Delete the SuperSU folder in TWRP file manager and see if you can boot.
  7. Powderphinger

    Indeed. Twas I and it was just what the doctored ordered.

  8. lookingforowls
    SuperSu Folder deleted, still hung at Fidelizer screen. Should I update Fidelizer ? Thanks for the help btw.
  9. WitzyZed
    I am sorry it’s been giving you trouble.
    Last thing to try, after flashing SuperSU zip & wipe dalvik/cache, did you try going to advanced, fix permissions? (Don’t hit the checkbox for SE Linux)
  10. WitzyZed
    If that still doesn’t give satisfactory outcome, go back to stock 1.2.1 with firmware upgrade tool, then do a factory data reset, then go to fidelizer 1.2.4 with firmware upgrade tool or stock 1.2.4 with an ota zip. (Links in my signature)
  11. lookingforowls
    Got Fidelizer up to the latest version but I can no longer get TWRP to launch, player keeps opening to the Android System Recovery screen when I hold the three buttons down ? I have the kernal zip package on the internal sd directory, what am I doing wrong with TWRP ?
  12. Ghost Of Lundy
    Sounds to me you don’t have TWRP installed

    If you used firmware upgrade tool it will revert back to factory state and TWRP will no longer be there.

    Otherwise I have no clue.
    WitzyZed likes this.
  13. lookingforowls
    20190604_072420.jpg Update, after many wipes and reinstalls of firmware and fidelizer firmware this is where I'm at. Thanks to WitzyZed and his tutorual I am now a beginner level wiper/reinstaller :wink: I have not gotten past the April 27th dated kernal as at this point the tuorial says to root the device, when I follow the root tutorial and reset I get hung at the Fidelizer screen and have to wipe again and start over.

    I think I will attempt to push 3.2 from this point today without rooting amd see if that works ?

    Not happy w the new FiiO music app, its a decent GUI upgrade but I was also a huge user of Viper as Im an EQ maniac addict and I'm also not getting gapless playback anymore, which is an issue when 95% of my listening are live recordings, often with song to song segues, will tinker w settings.

    Anyone have success running foobar yet ?
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  14. WitzyZed
    Do you encounter the "it appears your device is not rooted, would you like to flash SuperSU" alert when booting from TWRP after supposedly already having flashed SuperSU? If you do, then SuperSU flash was not successful. I have never had a freeze on booting Fidelizer 1.2.4 after installing SuperSU when I didn't receive that alert. I'll only suggest again deleting SuperSU in TWRP, flashing it again, wipe dalvik/cache, go to advanced tab fix permissions, and when you press reboot and don't get that extra prompt about SuperSU you should have it right..

    FiiO says if you click on the kernel version several times it will uninstall the newer FiiO music app for you (as you do not yet have root behaving to use an app manager like titanium backup) and you can then reinstall the old one: http://fiio-file.fiio.net/FiiO Music3.4.3.apk
  15. lookingforowls
    Correct, I did all that you listed above 3x, after installing/flashing SuperSu, it hangs every time. Just to clarify, there are two options to wipe dalvik/cache, one checkbox I believe says wipe dalvik/cache and the second one says cache, in that step we are only checking one box correct ?
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