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Fiio X5iii Custom Kernel and Scripts | 2016MHz CPU | 20% RAM increase | Undervolting | New DAC drivers | and much more

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jkbuha, May 3, 2019.
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  1. Powderphinger
    Appear to have it up and running.

  2. Powderphinger

    Yes, ended up starting from scratch. Installed the official FIIO FW, graduated up to the current stock version, then installed Fidelizer. All successfully. Then followed the directions to install TWRS and finally the latest kernel version released this week.

    Unfortuately, I still cannot successfully load the kernel. When I check the E Zip verification box, it fails. When I do not check the box, and attempt install (custom), under the highlighted "Installing Init. d Scripts", I get the following message (which I have gotten all along):

    "set_perm; some changes failed"............

    When I get the prompt to reboot and proceed, I get no messages about scripts, updates, etc. It just reboots to the home screen.

    I think I'm going to throw in the towel as I've fiddled with this process for many hours and I don't want to end up having to start from scratch again. I do appreciate your response and assistance.

  3. WitzyZed
    I saw on the 4PDA forum prispewnic recommended having root before you install it or not all scripts would work, I would try flashing the supersu zip, wipe dalvik & fix permissions, reboot, go back to recovery, & then try the 3.1 install
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  4. Powderphinger

    You da' man! Thanks! That did it.

  5. grig
    I use fidelizer rom, a quick way to root the device, without using king root ?
  6. WitzyZed
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  7. grig
    thx for the link, did all the steps device doesn't boot anymore, is stuck on the fidelizer logo, loading page, i try to in stall super su, wipe cache fix permission (checking SE linux permission and non, first attempt was uncheck)

    any ideas why of this ?
  8. WitzyZed
    Are you using 1.2.4 fidelizer?

    I have never checked the SE Linux option when fixing permissions.

    Try going back into TWRP use file manager to delete supersu folder and try again.
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  9. jkbuha
    Version 3.11 Released

    - Miscellaneous (minor) bugfixes with installer and scripts. Recommended upgrade for everyone on V3.1

    Download here: http://bit.ly/FiiOX5iiiV311
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  10. grig
    yes i'm using 1.2.4
  11. grig
    issue fixed, testing the kernel :) thx !
  12. grig
    i'm experiencing issues with the touch screen using the jkbuha kernel, touch screen quite unresponsive... someone else ?
  13. MinnieOne
    My screen is much more responsive than it has ever been. Everything is faster, especially wireless.
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  14. WitzyZed
    Do you have the factory screen protector still installed? (I’ve removed mine) Do you use device with your finger or stylus? (I use a stylus) Go to developer options and under ‘input’ enable ‘show touches’ . This has helped me determine if and where my touches are detected.
  15. grig
    yes i do, always with my finger. i will do, keep you posted
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