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FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Dec 20, 2013.
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  1. 96rubberduckys
    Yes, but its not only that--if you take a look at your tags, you'll notice same composers will be tagged differently. For example, Tchaikovsky can be under 'Pyotr Tchaikovsky' , 'Tchaikovsky, Pyotr' , 'Tchaikowsky, Pyotr', 'Tchaikovsky(1840-1893) / Pyotr', 'Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky' etc, it's surprising how many variations you get. So better support may not actually help you.
    As for me a long time ago I gave up trying to navigate through composer. Instead I use the artist tag, which I have as [soloist; conductor: orchestra], which isn't as difficult as it may seem because I'm fairly specific about my recordings, and consequently know them well despite having a fair amount of classical music.
  2. miceblue
    I actually didn't test for gapless playback since I don't use it. >.>

    It's good that it's being included in the next update though since evidently a lot of people do use it.
  3. nmatheis Contributor
    Yes, there are a lot of us who enjoy listening to full albums which flow seamlessly from song to song.  If gaps are unintentionally introduced, it's quite jarring.  I'd love to keep gapless on all the time on my X3 but have had it freeze up when I do so.  Sounds like they might've fixed it in the X5's firmware, though.  Here's to hoping it makes its way into the next X3 firmware!
  4. LargoCantabile
    Yup, I am aware names are spelt and organized variously in the auto online databases. That is not a problem for me, as I retype the names in one acceptable format so that things are collected coherently. I further retype album names in my own kind of shorthand to bring stuff together in a consistent sequence.
    Example, Sonatas for piano [CD 1] and Complete Piano sonatas Vol. 1: I will retype both as  Piano Sonatas CD 1
    Furthermore I have recordings of the same work by different performers (not artistes) which I encode in the Album Folder Header to bring items together
    Violin Partitas HS CD 1
    Violin Partitas HS CD 2
    Violin Partitas CT CD 1
    Violin Partitas CT CD 2
    Where HS = Henryk Szeryng and CT Christian Tetzlaff
    Further orchestra and conductor, I usually choose either the orchestra or conductor whichever is more significant to me with regard to a particular recording LPO = London Philharmonic and CA= Claudio Abbado, sometimes both and include that in the so-called album name for the folder.
    I don't like albums with works mixed form different composers and usually break those down into separate album folders for each composer. This mostly occurs for vocal works and I do have a composer called VOCAL in my system with the album name initially the vocal perfomer's name.
    The biggest renaming headache is when for example I download all the Sonatas of Beethoven in FLAC format directly from my supplier instead of purchasing individual CDs. This done to avoid postage and customs duty and VAT. The tracks of individual albums are each numbered form 1 to 10, etc. So I get Track 1, Sonata 1, Movement 1, then Track I might get Track 2 as Sonatas 2, movement 1, instead of movement 2 of Sonata 1, etc. In this case I have to put individual Sonatas into separate folders, myself, that is editing the musical soup. I musical soup is also caused by the fact in Microsoft Track number 10 will come before Track 1, and I have to go and add in the zeros before the single digit numbers in order to ensure the correct order of play.
    All this sounds complicated but it doesn't actually take very long.
    I use Creative Player software to do manage the ripping as it was the software that came with the player I was using at the time I started ripping stuff and it does allow me to change say composer and album name and Asks apply to all tracks, that means I don't type the info for each track. Before this I used minidisc players and believe that was an altogether bigger headache. Each one had to have its own sticky label written by hand and copied in a slow process from CD to minidisc on my Sony HiFi set up
    Now what was several thousand CDs weighing a ton in boxes stored in my library is now on about 20 x 32GB micro  Secure Digital Cards
    and backed up on at least 3 different brand name portable mini HDs. Oi, now we have 64 maybe 264 GB micro SDs? I will have to get some.
    Why 3 different brand name HDs because one very astute Computer techie once suggested backing up on two different brand models meant they were unlikely to fail at the same time so I would always have one good copy. I keep the original CDs even though they do deteriorate overtime as maybe if all the electronic stuff were wiped in an EMP war I would still have the hard copies so to speak (joke)
    And the most tedious of all is scanning the little CD booklets individually. A few companies provide them online but most still in this digital age do not and in fact sell digital recordings online and still cannot even supply the PDF format of their booklets. (Lazy short changers) [​IMG]
  5. musicheaven

    The easiest backup strategy is to purchase an internal or external swappable drive. You use bare drives that you swap on a scheduled backup to save your priceless work. For the operating system drive I use a drive manufacture that is as close as close as possible and best identical because of drive cloning I do, you can use a larger driver but a matching one is easiest.
    I can recover from a windows 8 drive failure in a moment's notice. The same will all the important files I need. There are other solutions like NAS which a large number of vendors exist in that space.

    Unfortunately, most of us wait until disaster strikes before we start looking at a backup strategy. At least you are ahead by using yours.
  6. jeycam
    SanDisk's just officially introduced a 128 GB microSD card! :)
    MSRP is $199.99 and it should be available very soon at Amazon, Best Buy, etc.
  7. miceblue
    I don't even use 40 GB on my 64 GB microSD card. >.>
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Yes, I've been reading, it's a rather big deal for us audio enthusiasts, people have been waiting a long time for these cards.

    Doubling up on scrolling and tags, I wonder if some DAPs UI have evolved enough to not be bothersome with 128GB of storage.

    I know searching through 128GB on a Studio V would be quite tedious. 
  9. rawrster
    The x3 is pretty slow with 64gb. I'm hoping the x5 is much better in that regard but it does seem like the ui is much faster.
  10. KT66
    I am using a 32gb card with my on loan X5
    Once I got used to it, I found the UI really quick.
    Finding the song you want is very quick, however after you click on it, there 
    is a gap of about 2 secs before the track starts playing. 
    In the grand scheme of things, in the long run, I could learn to live with it, but 
    it can be irritating, hopefully a future fix.
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    The FiiO X5 Tour unit arrived to me this morning, I've probably had it about 3 hours.

    Some quick first impressions:

    :Size overall slightly bigger footprint than an iPod Classic.
    :Weight a little hefty for one handed controls.
    :Build quality far above average, has a nice feel in the hand, finish on the casing impressive.
    :Touch wheel could be a little more responsive, sometimes you need to correct it (possibly a learning curve)
    :Love the gold plated headphone inputs.

    On first firing up the player I was impressed with screen resolution, remembering I'm coming from basic oled displays found on Hisound players, overall resolution and colour impact is easy on the eyes, more than satisfying. It took me all of about 3 minutes to adjust the main settings I wanted in system and playback settings, brightness, turn off repeat, make sure I was in low gain etc. Being the first player I've encountered with two micro sd card slots was a cool feeling knowing I can load up x2 64GB cards (or in my case 32GB cards) a novelty in itself. Moving onto the first IEM was 10ohm Dunu DN-1000 hybrid, finding a track from the folder menu all my albums showed up, however my Taylor Swift collection (albums) shows in a slightly different order to my other units? Not sure why, none the less they're all there. The UI is rather easy to get around, there's always that first "what the hell am I doing" like anything though after 30 minutes I was running around easier (by the way I have not needed to read the manual).


    Starting a track I know well the first thing that jumped out at me is refinement, X5 has far above average refinement, the mid range holds great posture, samples execute well and the music has good flow to it, you get a good sense of forward motion. the entire presentation is rather well balanced, possibly with a slight bass emphasis. the tonality which is really important to me is still warmer than the hisound units, Studio V is brighter and to the first listen "clearer" though not necessarily as well refined. I'm finding the X5 has a specific sound signature and timbre, (house sound) which is a really good thing, this will separate X5 from the other "mainstream" or consumer DAPs. Channel separation is also quite strong. You get a good stereo image on both right/left channels. Overall instrument separation is weaker than Hisound Studio V though on decent levels. X5 definitely does have some nice aspects.

    I'm not going to say much more with only 3 hours use atm, I'l report back later.

  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    One thing that's bothering me is I cannot find a setting to switch off the " Key-lock", seems I can only choose from the two locking methods available and not disable it? This is beginning to annoy me as I have to press the power button to unlock it every time I want to change albums when it's simply sitting on my bed, it makes changing albums or tracks a two step process. I want to just be able to turn it off completely.

    There's a 4-5 seconds delay before a track starts when selecting from my micro sd card, once an albums playing the transitions between tracks are normal. Hopefully this delay can be speed up with firmware as it makes it feel laggy, you really get that feeling of being stopped for a second. Apart from this the UI is rather snappy all round.

    As for the sound and driving power, it sounds pretty kick a** with TF10. [​IMG] You really get that feeling of power in your hands and in your listening experience (at least with TF10)

    If anyone can tell me how to completely disable the key-lock I would be much happier!

    (please remember I have not really followed the thread as I wanted to go in fresh, so excuse me if these questions have been answered)
  13. HK_sends
    Hey everybody,
    After some delay, I present my impressions:
    Cheers and Enjoy![​IMG]
    -HK sends
    H20Fidelity likes this.
  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    Hi H2O,

    You could disable the screen timeout, would that be close to what you want? :smile:

    and bcarr, I would have been fine with no photos but I guess I am a little late with my comment :xf_eek:

    And thanks for completing your impressions HK_sends! :)
  15. lee730
    Glad you got to finally hear it H20. I was sold after 30 minutes of use. I wonder how it will pair on your RBDs. I bet very good :wink:..
    H20Fidelity likes this.
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