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FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Dec 20, 2013.
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  1. skalkman
    Both 1.15Beta and 1.17Beta have been really solid for me. I couldn't even use 1.1 since it would just crash the instant that i tried to update the library.
  2. RobC
    The question I asked is whether your review X5 unit works as an external DAC with a PC and whether it works in Storage mode with FW1.15 and FW1.17.
    Many of us are family with the update library crash issues with FW1.1
  3. skalkman


    solid (comparative more solidsuperlative most solid)

    • (slang) Excellent, of high quality, or reliable. <--- That's a solid plan.

      Radiohead's on tour! Have you heard their latest album yet? It's quite solid.

      I don't think Dave would have done that. He's a solid dude.

  4. RobC
    Wow, you are a sensitive soul.  Please accept my sincere apologies.
    I will not trouble you further even though I still do not have a specific answer to a specific question.
  5. skalkman
    Yes, it did work. All features that where present worked flawlessly. Both USB transfer and the DAC function worked out of the box with no hiccups or issues of any kind.
    I was just trying to clarify a word that is not a part of my main language without half arsed explanations that wouldn't make any sense. If i came across like a **** then i'm the one that's sorry.
  6. RobC
    skalkman,  Absolutely no offence taken man !!!
    Well It seems I have a problem (Houston?).  I am now wondering whether it is my other gear.  I am using a Mac. But I have tried connecting now on two machines in both OSX 10.9.2 as well as running Win 7 under Bootcamp.  Do I have to pull out my old dusty Windows only PC to see whether my problems are Apple related.
    Any of you brother (and sister) reviewers out there with any similar experiences on a Mac running the FW versions 1.15Beta and 1.17Beta on the X5  ??
  7. skalkman
    I have tried it on Windows, GNU/Linux (ALSA/PulseAudio with snd-usb-audio) and FreeBSD (OSS4) and the only thing that gave me problems was the USB drivers i was running on FreeBSD. If you want i could possibly try it on my moms MacBook Pro running Lion.
  8. RobC
    Sure.  Please and thanks.
  9. mosshorn
    Okay, got the money for this, even though my X3 is fairly new xD I looked around, and couldn't seem to find the official US release date. Maybe I'm just being a dunce.
  10. henwell
    Acoustic sounds 
    Blue coast records
  11. LondonJohn

    I'm sorry but I don't quite understand this so I'd like some guidance please.
    What I was planning to do with my X5 was fill a couple of 64GB MicroSD cards with about 11,000 songs on them in total, set the play mode to "random" and listen to them all.
    Joe Bloggs sadi the limit for file numbers was about 7,000 tracks but James seems to be implying that using the Folder option more tracks will be usable.
    Can somebody please tell me if the limit of the X5 is about 7,000 tracks or if my 11,000 will be recognised if I limit the playing to "random mode".
    Thank you - sorry if this shows my complete ignorance!
  12. Joe Bloggs Contributor


    The X5 supports an unlimited number of songs in folder browsing mode. Unfortunately, folder browsing does not support shuffling through all songs on the player (you can shuffle through all songs in the selected directory (but not its subdirectories, so you can't, e.g. select the root directory of a card to shuffle through all its songs).

    Best regards,
  13. LondonJohn
    Thank you Joe that's really helpful. Sadly it ends my interest in the X5 - was hoping to buy it as I have great faith in Fiio after buying an X3.
  14. RobC
    Actually you can achieve exactly what you are after by viewing All Songs (not in folder browser mode), no matter how many on your cards, and then play all the songs in Shuffle mode.
    So don't give up yet Mr John !!  [​IMG] 
  15. tjw321
    But that will only shuffle through the songs in the database which is limited to about 7,000 - or am I confused?
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