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FiiO X5 II Custom Themes Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by x relic x, Jun 11, 2015.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    This is for the Second Generation X5. Using the First Generation custom FW will not work on the X5 II and vice versa. Please make sure you are using the proper FW for your generation of X5.

    Load Custom FW at your own risk. FiiO, Head-Fi, and modders will not be held responsible for bricked or damaged units. While using custom themes has been very successful in the X line of FiiO DAPs it's never a guarantee that the functions will work properly. :wink:

    With that out of the way.............

    This thread is THE place for custom/modded themes for the FiiO X5 II. Hopefully out of the gate we can have some themes ported over from the X5 gen1.

    A quick guide to port X5 themes to the X5 II by AsianInvasion from this POST in the X5 gen1 custom themes thread.

    Official FW from FiiO

    - FW 1.0 LINK
    - FW 1.1 LINK

    How To Unpack the X5II FW (Windows only)

    1. Download the Custom FW Tools here LINK
    2. Make sure you have the FW tools and the X5II.fw file in the same folder.
    3. Double click the unpack.bat file.
    4. Edit theme
    5. When you're finished double click the pack.bat file
    6. Update the X5ii with the newly created FW as described below in the update procedure.

    Once the FW is unpacked you may change the following:

    - You may edit the str config.ini files to adjust what the text in the X5ii displays/says, including EQ names.

    - You may edit the coordinates .ini files to better suit your icon position preferences. These coordinates are shared for all themes.
    - note - The Image coordinates are derived for the most part by defining the upper left corner of each image. I suggest you leave these alone until you've done your first custom theme.

    - You may edit the images for each theme in the litegui folder. The names of each image MUST remain the same. The file types must also remain the same, ie. if the file is a .png it must stay a .png file.
    - note - I suggest not to change the resolution of the images unless you have done your first theme. If the resolution is changed then the coordinates may not place the image where it is supposed to go.

    Have fun and experiment!! I've done a few themes myself for the X5 and have also transferred them to the X5ii. After the first one it gets easier. Every time I've tried a modification and messed up I simply loaded the official FW and things went back to normal without a hitch. I'm not offering any guarantee but in my experience it's been very robust to go back to a clean version.

    Remember, custom themes only change images and text. They can not change functionality of the X5ii.

    Update procedure

    1. Transfer the firmware file to the the root of the TF card in slot 1. IMPORTANT the file must be named x5II.fw
    2. Turn off the FiiO X5ii if it is on.
    3. Hold the upper left (shortcut) and power buttons until the firmware update screen appears.


    4. The X5ii will restart automatically after the update is completed.

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  2. x RELIC x Contributor
    X5ii THEMES

    FW1.0 Themes

    - Harmony3 (one theme) by AsianInvasion - Post - DIRECT DOWNLOAD

    - X5ii_RELIC_FW1.0 (five themes) by x RELIC x - Post - DIRECT DOWNLOAD

    - Collection_One_F1.0_V1.2 (five themes) by AsianInvasion - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD

    - Collection_One_F1.0_V1.2NoFrame (five themes) by AsianInvasion - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD


    FW1.1 Themes

    - X5ii_RELIC_FW1.1 (five themes) by x RELIC x - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD

    - Collection_One_F1.1_V1.2 (five themes) by AsianInvasion - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD

    - Collection_One_F1.1_V1.2NoFrame (five themes) by AsianInvasion - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD


    FW1.11beta Themes

    - Collection1.2 based on FW1.11B (five themes) by AsianInvasion - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD


    FW1.2 Themes

    - X5ii_FW1.2_RELIC_ThemePack (five themes) by x RELIC x - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD

    - Collection1 based on FW1.2 (five themes) by AsianInvasion - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD


    FW1.27 BETA Themes

    - X5ii_FW1.27Beta_RELIC_ThemePack (five themes) by x RELIC x - POST - DIRECT DOWNLOAD
  3. x RELIC x Contributor
    Here is how the config.ini breaks down as far as I can tell for the theme text colors.


    You can not change the text in the config.ini file or the X5ii will not show half the text and the other half will display what is listed in the first line after the where it's defined by r= g= and b=, or at least that's what happened to me.

    - To change the color unpack the FW and in the root of the unpacked Theme folder you will find the config.ini file.

    - Open it with a simple text editor like Notepad.

    - What you want to change is the six digit value in the corresponding line you want to edit:
    ie., 0xffffff where ffffff is represented as white in hex color language.....


    Reference the list below to see what each line changes.


    #列表每一项字体颜色 如R = 255(十六进制为 FF) G = 128 (十六进制为 80) B = 64 (十六进制为 40) 则 改制为0xFF8064 = Does nothing as far as I can tell, unless the text is modified in the config.ini file. I don't recommend changing it.

    "list_item_color" = Unselected text and USB connect status, etc. Basically all non-highlighted text.

    "list_item_focus_color" = Highlight text color and large volume numbers when changing volume (not in the topbar).

    "lrc_color" = I'm guessing lyric base color. I don't have lyrics so I'm not sure.

    "lrc_focus_color" = I'm guessing lyric highlight color. I don't have lyrics so I'm not sure.

    "play_ID3_color" = Name of the ID3 text (Album, Artist) in the now playing screen.

    "msg_text_color" = Pop-up warning text color.

    "media_info_color" = Bit / Sample rate and Track name in the now playing screen.

    "list_item_other_color" = Topbar text color and Settings sub-menu text color, and Fast Picking highlight text.

    "speaker_waring_color" = Volume level warning color.

    "speaker_color" = Volume level color in the topbar.

    "about_dev_color" = The color of the text in the about X5 section in the settings menu.


    Color Chart for Hex Colors

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  4. x RELIC x Contributor
    Early findings on the FW, tested blind by AsianInvasion

  5. AsianInvasion
    Harmony 3 ported.
    Just a fair warning before use:
    1. This hasn't been tested
    2. This could potentially turn your brand-new X5II into a paperweight
    3. There is a 99.99999% 25% chance there will be a lot of graphical glitches
    4. For that matter, I don't even know if the firmware tools created the firmware correctly. It seems that the firmware packed fine.
    Harmony is now included in my Collection One firmware pack.
    Go to post
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  6. DDDamian
    Kudos for tackling this Relic! The creativity of you modders is amazing.
  7. x RELIC x Contributor
    Even if I don't get the X5 II :eek: I enjoy seeing the custom mods!

    Like I mentioned in the first post, I need some time to organize this as I'm really swamped with unforeseen issues at the moment.
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  8. AsianInvasion
    Here are a few suggestions for information to go in the first post:
    1. A table of existing themes for the latest firmware version
    2. A warning that installing X5II firmwares on X5 or vise versa will not work and could potentially damage the hardware
    3. Instructions for unpack/repack 
  9. Dobrescu George
    It is great that there is a custom themes thread before the device is even sold officialy!
  10. CH23
    I'll probably wait with porting until i actually see the device.

    I'm glad FiiO liked my 90° mod enough to use it themselves on this player though :wink:
  11. x RELIC x Contributor
    Since the first gen thread was so well done I see no reason to really deviate very far from that. Any other suggestions?
  12. x RELIC x Contributor

    Trailblazer you! :D
  13. Dobrescu George
    For now, not. 
    Considering that we will have 5 themes possible at once, there might be people who might want to have a combination of mods, and modders who might want to do an entire suite of 5 themes. 
    If there is a modder who wants to do a single theme, and he agrees, I think that combining more than one theme from a single modder might be better for the average user, as it might speed things up, and wear less the hardware inside. 
  14. x RELIC x Contributor
    Personally, I'd love there to be a separate launcher and shutdown sequence for each theme for porting my themes over, making a super megatheme. I may do a separate FW for each one with variations of colour, or something, depending on the theme. Analogue, H_U_D, McFiiOtosh, and Star Trek all have integral startup and shut down animations.

    I get the efficiency of using one animation across themes though.
  15. Brooko Contributor
    It works beautifully (and OMG it looks so much better than the defaults) ..... but, while theme 1 looks good - it screws up the launcher for all the other themes.  So you'd need to have a retheme of all 5.
    Anyway - I only had 15 minutes to play with it, as it has to be sent on to the others in the tour now.  BTW - it flashed OK (no issues), and flashed back to original beta fw just as well.
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