FiiO X5-II audition tour in the UAE
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Jul 28, 2014
Following the Great success both audition tours FiiO for the X5, X1 and X3-II by letting head-fiers get an early taste of what their new DAP are capable of. it is time to do the same with FiiO's Flagship the X5-II.
The X3 was FiiO flagshiop DAP and it about time to improve it and go with the X5 second generation the X5-II, and we here at are offering all audiophiles and headfiers in the UAE to participate in the Audition tour for their new DAP.  
Interested? Here’s your chance to get an early ear to the unit for free! (mailing costs excepted)
Please note that Arabic previews are preferred.
Preview application period: 10-22 June  2015
reviewer list announcement: 24th June  2015
Beginning of shipment of preview X5-II: before 14 June 2015
Please apply for the X5 2nd gen audition UAE tour by replying to this thread and including the following information in your reply:
-Headphone(s) you possess:
-DAP(s) you possess:
-FiiO product(s) you possess (if any):
-Descriptions and links to review(s) you have posted earlier:
-Your location within the UAE  (e.g. the city and area you live in):
-Language(s) you can read:
Shipping info:
Depending on the location of selected reviewers, Samma3a will ship out several X5s II for free, to one or more to reviewers in the UAE, shipping costs from one reviewer to the next is will be bared by the will pay for shipping to the first reviewer and from the last reviewer back to our offices.
•Please note that the review X5-II will not ship with micro SD cards. Please prepare your own micro SD cards and music files for review and preferably format the cards within the X1 prior to use.
Review regulations (subject to change before the tour commences):
•Reviewers should keep the X5-II for at most 5 days before shipping to the next reviewer.
•Reviewers should ship the X5-II to the next reviewer by registered post in the padded box provided.
•Reviewers will not be held responsible for any damage to the X5-II sustained during shipping or normal usage.
•Reviewers should do the review fairly and objectively, and related product photos are required.
•Reviewers should not overstate the advantages of the products.
•Reviewers are reminded to listen responsibly and safely to the X5-II, to not use it when operating machinery or driving, and not to drive headphones to excessive volume with the X5-II.
•Reviewers should send the review content to us for examination prior to publishing—for basic fact-checking purposes only. We will only request corrections of factual mistakes regarding the X5-II. Reviewers should post the corrections alongside their original content for reference.
•Reviewers should post their reviews also on X5-II blog.
Happy listening!



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