FiiO X5 3rd gen Review Tour starts right now!!---Android based,Mastering Quality Lossless Playback Hi-Res Music Player
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Sponsor: FiiO
Jul 30, 2008

The new generation X5 was just released to the public at FiiO 2016 Winter Launch Event. Are you keen on testing this Android-based ,Hi-Res Music Player? Will it double down the sound quality for you?

Dual flagship DAC, Right/Left channel controlled by one AK4490 chip separately.
Dual Operating modes, supports instant switch between Android /Pure music mode.
Dual headphone outputs, 2.5mm TRRS plus 3.5mm TRS.
Dual Quick Charge protocols.
Dual Micro SD slots and 32GB internal storage, supports up to 544GB.
Whether you are a FiiO user or not now, the next generation X5 is a DAP you don't wanna miss.


Shipping info:

Depending on the geographical distribution of selected reviewers, FiiO will ship out several X5s, one or more to reviewers in each
 region, e.g. USA, Europe, SE Asia, Pacific region, etc. so that shipping costs from one reviewer to the next is kept low. FiiO will 
pay for shipping to the first reviewer and any customs taxes / import duties that may result from the X5 3rd gen crossing countries.
Preview application period: starting now! And accepting applications until further notice.
First list of previewers to be announced: to be confirmed.
Beginning of shipment of review the X5 3rd gen:  to be confirmed.
Please apply by replying to this thread and including the following information in your reply:
-Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess:
-Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess
-Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted:
-Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in):
-Your native language (and any other languages you may be able to write in)

Review regulations (subject to change before the tour commences):

•Reviewers should keep the X5 for at most 10 days before shipping to the next reviewer.
•Reviewers should ship the X5 to the next reviewer by registered post requiring signature in the padded box provided.
•Reviewers will not be held responsible for any damage to the X5 sustained during shipping or normal usage.
•Reviewers should do the preview fairly and objectively, and related product photos are required. (Alternatively, video reviews are 
welcome )
•Reviewers need not overstate the advantages of the products.
•Reviewers should indicate that the review X5's are free loan units, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
•Reviewers are prohibited from using or disseminating pirated music on the X5.
•Reviewers are reminded to listen responsibly and safely to the X5, to not use it when operating machinery or driving, and not to 
drive headphones to excessive volume with the X5.
•Reviewers should post the completed preview content to this thread and the FiiO X5 3rd gen's review page: 
please also provide FiiO with the links to your review, for us to come and admire your work.
•Please contact FiiO in advance if you have any difficulties with the X5 3rd gen in the course of your preview, 
so we may help you resolve it if possible.
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-Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess:AKG K702,Westone W80,UM Pro50
-Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess:FiiO X7 AM1 AM3
-Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted:
-Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in):Iwate Japan
-Your native language (and any other languages you may be able to write in)
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headphones: Heir 8, Heir 10, Hifiman HE300
DAPs/DACs: iBasso dx90, Shanling M5, Opus #1, XduooXD-05
reviews: no reviews so far
language: czech/english
location: EU, Czech - Ostrava 
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Application withdrawn, sorry. Family commitments.
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Headphone/Earphone Inventory: Sennheiser HD 580, HD 600, Beyerdynamic DT 880, Sony MA900,
- Hifiman RE400, Final Audio Heaven VIII
-Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess: Fiio E10K, Geek Pulse, Fiio X1, Fiio X5 (Gen 1)
-Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted: (review on main website page)
-Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in): Adelaide, Australia
- Native Language: English
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-Headphones/earphones: Sennheiser HD650, Philips Fidelio X2, AKG Q701, Beyerdynamic T1, HiFiman HE-500, Unique Melody Mentor Custom, Dunu DN2000, Mee Pinnacle P1, VE Monk, Mee Eletronics Matrix 2 AFD
-DAP/DAC/Amp: Fiio X7 (AM1&AM5 Modules), Fiio X5-II, iPod Classic 160GB, Sansa Clip Zip / ODAC, Fiio X7 DAC / Clonus Secret Amplifier, Fiio K5, Fiio E09K, Objective 2 
-Location: Montes Claros, Minas Gerais - Brazil.
-Language: Portuguese, English and Spanish.
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IEMs/Headphones: Noble K10UA, Dunu dn1000, Trinity Phantom Master 4, Vsonic GR07 / Shure srh1440, Massdrop Fostex TH-X00, Sennheiser Momentum over ear
Daps Fiio X5 1st gen, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch, iPad 2nd gen
Amps ALO RX, Fiio e12
No reviews
Language Czech, English, German
Location Vienna, Austria
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Headphones: Yamaha HP-1, Meze 99, Fidue A83 balanced, Sony SBH80 wireless, Sennheiser momentum 2.0 wireless
DAPS: every Fiio upto the x7
Reviews: N/A
Location: Scotland, United Kingdom, EU
Language: English
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-Headphones/earphones: oriolus mk2, beyerdynamic t1.2 , beyerdynamic t90, he-400i , easyhck dz7, fiio ex1, Sennheiser momentum , Vmoda m100, jvc fx850, Ve Monk, Ve Monk+, ATH-AD700, Logitech UE9000, Simgot, kz zst, Jabra Rox, TFZ Series 3, TFZ Series 5
-DAP/DAC/Amp: Chord mojo, fiio x3, fiio x3k, fiio e12 diy, shanling m1, onkyo dp-x1, Cayin n6, opus #1, xduuo x3 , luxury and precision l3,
-Location: Selangor , Malaysia
-Language: English.
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Headphones: HD800, Campfire Andromeda, Jomo 6, Sennheiser IE80, Yamaha EPH100
DAPs/DACs: AK240, Iphone 4s, Alo International (optical edition), Hifiman EF100
Reviews: no reviews so far
Language: English, Tagalog
Location: Doha, Qatar

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-Headphones/earphones: ATH-MSR7, Beyerdynamic DT770pro 80ohm, Phillips Fidelio X2, AKG K7xx, Vsonic GR07c, Phillips Fidelio S2, Hifiman re400.
-DAP/DAC/Amp: Xduoo XD-05, Fiio X5K.
-Reviews: None.
-Location: Bergen, Norway, EU.
-Language: Chinese/English.
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I am extremely interested !! It looks even better than X7, the dual SD cards is freaking awesome !!
-Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess:
Fostex T50rp MK III, Lawton Audio LA2000, STAX SR-303
 Fidue A71, Meze 12 classics, Shure 535
-Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess
 I own FiiO X7, and recently review Cayin i5 and soundaware m1pro though I do not have them anymore with me
I also own FiiO K5.
I will also have the ifi micro idsd black label for a review in january.
-Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted:
+ Upcoming ifi micro idsd black label review in january.
-Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in):
Brno, Czech Republic
-Your native language (and any other languages you may be able to write in)
Slovak / Czech, but I do my review in English
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Headphones/Earphones - Fidue Sirius, Fischer Amps FA4e xb, Flare Audio R2pro, B&O H6 and Minerva customs.
Dap/Dac - Prev - Fiio x3, x5 and x7, various daps in the £250-600 range including Cayin I5 and Onkyo DP-X1.  Mojo and various dac\amp combos.
                 Current - Iphone 7+ with Oppo HA2-SE
Reviews -
Location - Devon, UK
Language - English

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