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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Soundtrap
    Yep, played with eq and it can be tweaked to maybe even outperform vibereffects on the stock player. UI on Hiby is not to my liking, to many clicks required to add song to playlist, to return to now playing etc. It is responsive and sounds better than Power AMP, Neutron, Onkyo etc. I still prefer FiiOs stock player UI everything is logically laid out and 1 click is all you need for most of the action. I'll very likely (like I did before) revert to FiiOs player after few days of playing with Hiby.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
  2. Preachy1
    For the last several days, mine has been working like a champ. No errant pauses at all and gapless working as it should. I alternate between the stock player and Hiby, just to keep things fresh! :wink:
  3. aj05hi

    Where can I get the stock kernel from as I am looking to do the same as you?

    Also what apps are safe to delete to get get rid of the bloat?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. kaosnews

    Link to the X5III Firmware upgrade tool:
    http://fiio-firmware.fiio.net/X5III Firmware Upgrade Tool with FW1.2.1.zip

    Apps you can remove are the terrible ER File explorer, (animated) wallpapers, alternative language keyboards, Fiio market app, email & exchange apps, stock browser. You don't have to remove these apps - but I like to have a clean Android. Don't think that removing these apps will give a performance boost.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  5. TiborG
    A good alternative but unfortunately without .dsf is Gonemad. 14 days full trial, small, fast, unbreakable. Custom audio output (unnecessary for FiiO). The transition between tracks went and adjustable fadeout, replygain, flash between albums. Plus custom desktop colors or from templates, displaying tag data by your own choice including custom font sizes. Tag editor, sleep function, gestures, just about everything. And fast as a rat on the run. 4 euros paid version
  6. aj05hi
    Thanks, would it be possible for you to list the instructions on how to flash/install TWRP & jkbuha kernel. I used to root my phones in Samsung S5 era but since then have lost touch with it.

    I am confident but just need to know how to do it.
  7. WitzyZed

    Please ignore the steps related to fidelizer in the beginning but after that it should be pretty clear what’s what.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2019
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  8. brick42
    gonemad gets recommended for android but in this case it's not using the Fiio DAC, so I'm not sure that's the way to go if fidelity is what you are after
  9. TiborG

    Gonemad won't be as bad as it looks. When its own sound system is turned on, it plays both 96 and 192 kHz HiRes tracks. Worse with our benefactor and author of this firmware. Each HiRes track over 96 kHz is very successful downgrading to half resolution. No matter whether it is from UAPP, Gonemad, FiiO Music. Output via Coax. USB output is a disaster as before. It works after a crash and restarts and stops playing completely or knocks out the sound. There were complaints about it before, I thought it was resolved definitively. Gonemad in Samsung Galaxy S via USB output all overwrite at 192 kHz by my Topping DX3. Enjoy the photo documents. I note that I have tried all the outputs of FiiO Music - SPDIF out over DoP, over D2P etc.
    But with Topping NX4 DSD plays as a twin via USB output, DSD 64 anything. And immediately. Via FiiO cable also via Topping USB cable. Nice chaos

    96 kHz res
    FiiO 96.jpg Gonemad 96.jpg UAPP 96.jpg

    192 kHz

    FiiO 96.jpg Gonemad 96.jpg UAPP 96.jpg

    PC 192 kHz
    Foobar PC 192.jpg
  10. TiborG
    I think my receiver takes Gonemad as bitperfect player. The player must be able to decode HiRes until it is sent to SPDIF or processed into an analog. Gonemad still has the ability to fix the screen 90, 180 degrees as UAPP, but more skilfully. Here it is upside down.

  11. jkbuha
    Happy Sunday all...

    Kernel v3.0 is now code complete, and is in beta testing phase. As can be seen from the changeling below, this release tests the limits of the hardware capabilities of the FiiO, and also adds some new audio and display drivers, so I want to ensure it works well on everyone's player.

    Anyone that would like to be part of beta testing, is familiar with adb shell commands and ideally Mac/Linux feel free to send me a PM.


    Version 3.0
    New: Upstreamed relevant portions of kernel source code to Linux 3.10.49
    New: NeoX CPU governor
    New: Improved interactiveX governor with increased performance and more power saving on idle (2 core shutdown)
    New: Custom AK4490 driver with up to 768kHz oversampling
    New: Custom plugin module for AK4490 to add more audio filters in future
    New: CPU overclocking to 2016MHz! (Super significant performance improvement)
    New: GPU overclocking to 600MHz (More fluid screen responsiveness)
    New: DDR overclocking to 800MHz (Ultra-fast memory and software processing)
    New: Reduced Graphics requirements from 225MB down to 80MB (20% more available RAM)
    New: Adaptive Low Memory Killer (A-LMK) algorithm
    New: A-LMK optimised scripting (thanks again to prispewnic)
    New: Compaction algorithm for low memory killer
    New: FiiO RK3188/RK3188T efuse algorithm handling
    New: VM Pressure algorithm implementation
    Enhanced: zram and zcache now compressed with LZ4
    Enhanced: better voltage regulation code
    Enhanced: support for apll, cpll and gpll clocks on RK30 board
    Enhanced: better GPIO code specific to FiiO player
    Enhanced: removed unnecessary encryption
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  12. nekromantik
    @jkbuha possible for you to lower the LMK aggressiveness by default in your kernel?
  13. jkbuha
    Yes that's where adaptive LMK in v3 comes into play, and also why we're beta testing :)

    Any specific LMK settings suggestions just drop me a private message.
  14. nekromantik
    I dont know exact settings but on your previous kernels in kernel manager app I just choose less aggressive option out of the 4 options.
  15. gbrookst4
    Hi, I'm new here. Is there a way to do this from a Mac? I'm trying to roll back firmware because I suddenly have a problem with random pausing after I recently updated. Thanks.
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