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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Brooko Contributor
    Unfortunately Genre sorting has never been good with FiiO - especially if you want to use Genre > Artist > Album

    I researched a while ago - and couldn't find any Android app which sorts properly Genre > Artist > Album. The vast majority go Genre > Track.

    I wish I could help. Most of the time I use typical Artist > Album > track sorting and ignore Genre.
  2. ElKabong
    I just use folder browser,(on all of my daps) scrolling is fast enough for me, different strokes and all that.
  3. Powderphinger

    Thought an update just occurred. Yet another one?

  4. New Fiio Owner

    Thanks for the help.

    I see you use your DAP similar to me, except that I keep my Artists Foldered in Genres. I have only ever used the folder view with my Fiio as I find it much easier that way.

    For example, "Rock, Artist, Album, Track". I have further Folders of Rock such as "Rock-Alt", "Rock-Hard", "Rock-Brit" etc.

    This is the first time that my Albums have been thrown all over the place within the Artist Folder, I Label then Chronologically, "Year - Album Title", now the dates are all over the place such as,










    This is the most basic use of a DAP how does Fiio always manage to mess things up?
  5. New Fiio Owner

    Do you mean an external Folder Browser or the built in Folder option within Fiio Music?

    I keep my DAP in Pure Music mode because all I want is to play music and nothing else. Within Fiio Music their are four options, I only use the folder view, I select a Genre Folder, Artist Folder, Album and then Track.

    I label all of my Albums chronologically within the Artist Folder so that they are sorted by the year of release. With this update my Albums are thrown in a random order, this has never happened before.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Because I'm guessing here - I don't have your file structure

    When you first select folder icon - before even going to the location (selecting internal or external) - there should be 3 vertical dots in the upper right. This drops a menu allowing you to select sort options (sort by filename and sort by 1st letter). Have you tried using that?
  7. New Fiio Owner
    Thanks Brooko.

    That is the setting that I was looking for, I thought Fiio had removed it. Unfortunately, when I use the options nothings happens, and nothing changes with the file structure.

    When I touch the options they grey and close showing that touch is recognised but nothing actually changes inside.

    Edit: I am not going to stress about it, I have wasted too much time in the past on this DAP. Can I apply an old update to downgrade it or is there more to it than that?

    I have had this for a couple of years now, I might just bin it and move on to another brand.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  8. WitzyZed
    If interested in downgrading the application to 3.4.3 (FiiO Music App last seen in 1.2.1) it's found here: http://fiio-file.fiio.net/FiiO Music3.4.3.apk

    You can install that over 1.0.8.

    If there's some change to 1.0.8 that was contained in 1.2.3... you might(?) try installing via the technical support app this update image http://x5pack.fiio.net/1.2.1/X5-ota-1.2.2.zip .

    If that throws a fit trying that last way, use the firmware upgrade tool http://fiio.me/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=41890&highlight=firmware+upgrade+tool which has 1.2.1 and 3.4.3 apk, and maybe install the 1.2.2 ota zip over that.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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  9. ElKabong
    My cd's that i ripped into flac files are all in separate folders regardless of artist, i don't combine all the same artist into one folder. Everything has been tagged using mp3tag, i have the genre's tagged such as Blues, Blues\Rock, Rock, Jazz, and so forth. For me i just go to the separate microsd cards and scroll away until i hit something that tickles my fancy.
  10. New Fiio Owner

    Thanks for that, I was not sure if it was backwards compatible so I did not want to brick it.

    I was happy with the older player so I will replace the Music App as you suggest, hopefully I will get back the proper file structure.
  11. New Fiio Owner

    I am a little anal with my files, I like them all ordered as it makes the player much more user friendly for me.
  12. ElKabong
    Not a single thing wrong with that sir. Enjoy your dap, i suspect when i get some new microsd cards of the 256gb form, i may change my method, as of now i'll keep my existing cards as is.
    I put my newer cards into my Plenue R and Cayin N5ii, so i should revamp my X5iii structure wise.
  13. javre76
    Tried to give it a try once again with the new FW, it is so glitchy, it is not even funny. It could be me, who knows, but this "glitchyness" is not happening with other DAPs (thank God I decided to move forward with another brand).
    Persco likes this.
  14. ElKabong
    I haven't used it yet with any time involved, using a couple other units for the time being, i have it rooted, the newest kernal and update installed. Have to give a good run and see if it acts stable.
    Hope you get yours figured out, i do like the sound signature of the x5iii, but the software?
  15. WitzyZed
    To anyone trying to sort their music as (Genre) -> (Artist) -> (Album) -> (Song) give UAPP a try.

    You're not going to get EXACTLY what you want... but...

    You're going to get something similar, because in its 'Genre' tab, once you click on a particular genre, here I clicked 'Alternative'

    you then get a list of all albums with that genre tag, which are sorted alphabetically by their artist/album-artist tag.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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