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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. alwass89
    I installed the beta the same way as you and same thing happened to me, all the buttons at the bottom are gone. Also the new music app doesn't work at all in pure music mode. In settings, it still shows firmware as 1.2.1.
  2. takwing1hk
    you can enable the buttons by checking the "enable virtual key" option in "Settings | Display"

    - the stability of the new Music App has been well discussed in FiiO Forum and I think they should have fixed many of the issues already. Yet, it is true (at least for me) that it does not work in Pure Music Mode
    - the version string is not updated probably because this is still "beta"
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  3. fokta
    by chance you have ifi ematch or earbuddy ? in R6 case, in can restore the Low (bass) to certain limit, but also feel like cap the high freq (losing some detail)....
    I like the detail sound of 300R...
  4. aangen
    I don't have either of those, but using the unbalanced out works well enough. I do like the detailed sound myself.
  5. jkbuha
    If that's the case, for my modded kernel to inherit all the new changes in the update, FiiO need to publish their changes to the kernel when it's officially released. In the meantime you can test my kernel on the beta firmware, would be good to see if it works.

    Also - side note, if the music 'sounds' different then it's likely that FiiO have also made changes to the soundfx dlls, if anyone else can verify this is the case on the latest beta I'll make a backup of the existing soundfx files in case there's a preference to revert to the 'old' sound.
  6. WitzyZed
    I was able to get kernel 2.1 working on top of FiiO's beta firmware. I can't speak for any sound differences, yet.
    FiiO music (1.0.8) crashes significantly more than 3.4.3 of the old software. UI wise it's nice, though. Sad to see the VU meter go to the wayside. UAPP is still going to be the way to go, it seems.
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  7. jkbuha
    Could anyone that's testing the new beta report the date and build of FiiO's kernel? You'll find it under System in Settings...
  8. takwing1hk
    Kernet version
    FiiO@asc #1225
    Tue Jan 15 13:12:10 CST 2019
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  9. takwing1hk
    @jkbuha I have done a binary compare for the files under system/lib/soundfx and they are the same.
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  10. jkbuha

    That means that the sound processing has remained unchanged from previous firmware. Unless any other audio-based changes have been made in the ROM, then the audio should sound the same to previous firmware, but I'll defer judgement until the official update has been released.
  11. ElKabong
    I guess i should've known that, thanks, going to give the beta a whirl.
  12. Mfont89
    Does anyone else have issues with the Next/Previous track hardware side buttons in UAPP? The buttons do not seem to work at all for me.
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  13. WitzyZed
    They work fine if you go into your UAPP settings for volume, ensure skip/previous track is checked.
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  14. fokta
    UAPP - X5iii - NX4DSD - Solaris = great combo,
    with bass boost: Bass with good layer. High Detail...

    additional Ifi earBuddy if the unbalanced (low volume) occured because of NX4DSD, or Noise background come out, nor Simbilance.

    best test with Billie Eilish Album dont smile at me. A lot rumble and mid high that can be potential Simbilance.....

    edit : Using USB from X5iii to NX4DSD, create significant noise, that is why I choose LO instead.... FYI....
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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  15. TiborG

    My combo with the best sound is the UAPP-X5 III-NX4DSD(as DAC)-BGVP DMG without Bass Boost. BGVP DMG boldly confuses my high-weighted FiiO FH5. Other world. Even the FiiO X5 Classic through LineOut play a lot more enjoyable, especially bass. massive upgrades. I have no noise - UAPP in X5 III has been set by BitPerfect for USB Output. Perhaps the ears of an elderly man, perhaps UAPP v. 5.0.6
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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