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Fiio X5 3rd gen || 2x AKM 4490 || Balanced Out || DSD || DXD | DTS | Android || Dual Card Slot

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. jetpacksam
    So I forgot Poweramps Achilles heel:
    No Gapless Playback.

    Alternatives with flawless gapless?
  2. Brooko Contributor
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  3. EinTheVariance
    doesn't poweramp have gapless settings under settings > audio? Can't check right now.
  4. jetpacksam

    Poweramp 3.0 Beta, at least right now, has eliminated the issue.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2018
  5. AllenWalker
    I am not sure if you guys have the same problem. When using Tidal for longer period of time like few hours, I will hear noise/jitter (imbalance) from both sides and I am using SE846. Was playing downloaded tracks and in order to solve the problem, I have to re-download the tracks. Even rebooting the X5iii doesn't help and only certain tracks played repeatedly have problem.
  6. KopaneDePooj
    Try setting Crossfade to 1 second in Tidal settings. This is a workaround to solve skips, but it might work for the problems you describe.
    Also try using internal storage and not SD card for Tidal downloads.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
  7. LightBlue77
    I, from time to time, experience stutter in tidal when playing downloaded tracks. The fix is to go to next track then go back to prev track and it corectly plays the song. I didn't notice this on lg g3 smartphone.
  8. stenog
    The fix is: Go to settings in the Tidal app, activate crossfade and set it to 1 sec. Don't ask why but it is works :). Tidal offline plays flawless with this fix.
  9. bay14
    What's the link to upgrade the firmware? I read they let you upgrade the default player separately from the devices firmware now.
    I was on vacation and don't know where to DL it. thanks :ksc75smile:
  10. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    You could get the firmwares from the right side of support interface: http://www.fiio.net/en/supports/43

    Best regards
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/FiiOAUDIO https://twitter.com/FiiO_official https://www.instagram.com/fiioofficial/ https://www.fiio.com http://fiio.udesk.cn/im_client/?web_plugin_id=24494&group_id=47899&language=en-us
  11. MinnieOne
    I finally sent some money to Google Play, all excited and purchased Neutron. App crashed within first five minutes of use, so I took the refund and deleted app.

    I thought I liked Foobar2000 but it has been acting weird so I mostly don't use it anymore.

    I'm happy with the FIIO music app except for the sorting and failure to deal with Compilations/various artists albums. I waste so much time re-tagging my albums.

    So once again @FiiO how about giving us some options on Various Artist presentations and a proper sort. John Coltrane doesn't belong after John Mellencamp.
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  12. seanwee
    The change of tone came so fast it was hilarious.
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  13. MinnieOne
    Brevity is a lost art.
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  14. Thx1326
    Costly but informative experience for those wanting a comparison between the X5-III and the Onkyo DP-X1A

    After much reading and researching, I "reluctantly" sold my Fiio X5-III and ordered a DP-X1A. What a total disappointment. I received it last Friday and immediately found out that it did not support WMA files as I was told by two Onkyo support personal that it would. While the description on their website does not list WMA, it does says that it "plays all popular compressed audio formats."

    Although the X1A does streaming and MQA - I don't stream so that is not an issue.

    While I use only FLAC files when doing my serious listening on my system, WMA VBR sounds perfectly fine for IEM's. No real "audiophile" experience capable with IEM's - good listening but not as good as a good system. The Fiio handels WMA VBR perfectly - not an option on the X1A. In fact no real good "compressable" option other than FLAC - and I just don't feel it necessary with IEM's.

    And then there is the obvious - no protective case of any type with the X1A and the user interface is not even close. I will miss the ability to create and save custom EQ settings - but I'll get over it. Onkyo tech support had no knowledge of any "in progress" for their player.

    As I suspected the ESS DAC's of the X1A where just too "hot" - too digital sounding. The Fiio (in my opinion) was much more musical and easy to listen too. Using both my 1More Triple Driver and my Fiio X9Pro Balanced yielded the same digital sound - bass was not nearly as warm and full and highs were just too hot. I thought I had a bad X1A, so to be fair, I searched and finally found another local user with and X1A and tried his player with the same music and same IEM's - same results. He also agreed with my assessment and is now looking into an X5 for himself.

    Also, the DP-X1A could not reach the same the volume level as the Fiio.

    A couple of other items: Fiio has the Music Mode which eliminates having all the normal Android associated bloatware running. It also has Viper built in to system - no need to root the unit to install Viper or rid your player of other running bloatware in the background. And the Fiio is considerably smaller in size. The only real gripe I have about the Fiio is that the output jacks were on the bottom - I still hate that - but it is what it is.

    So...a bit of a costly experience - X1A is on its way back for a refund and a new X5 is on its way to me. I give up 32Gb of storage, but the listening experience is just not up to par with the Fiio which costs considerably less. I was hoping it had worked out. I'll still continue to monitor both groups and thanks to all for the information.and those that helped answer my questions.

    Thanks to all.... and enjoy the music!
  15. jetpacksam
    Poweramp is supposedly coming out with a major revision. The beta has fixed gapless.
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