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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xloud, Dec 8, 2016.
  1. jeffnesh
    I have sent a message to the address in your signature ( with a dropbox link to two sample songs (one working, one not) as requested. Let me know if I need to do something else...

  2. FiiO
    Yes, the VU meter is not to function when playing via Bluetooth. We would also report your feedback to our engineer.
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  3. FiiO
    Failed to find your mail in our mailbox. Could you tell us your email address? Or you can upload the files to this link: Click here. Thanks in advanced!
    Best regards
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  4. jeffnesh
    Files uploaded and second explanatory message sent to

    Thanks for the help
  5. THGM
    FiiO said:
    Dear friend,
    You can check whether the Viper effect is useable by the Master Gate(Limiter) from Viper effect. You can hear no sound from the right channel when the channel pan sets to -100.
    Best regards

    Viper effect works best with lossy, heavily compressed files, there is no discernible difference when used with lossless files.
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  6. WitzyZed
    I can 100% discern viper effects when they're turned on with lossless music. There's obviously the frequency extension that warns you to only use it with lossy music, but everything else works as it should (to each his own for sound tastes). Are you saying you don't even here the sound switch properties when toggling the master VE switch?
  7. THGM
    No, I cannot discern any difference with lossless files even after toggling VE switch; the only way I knew Viper was active was through the Master Gate (Limiter) as above. Obviously YMMV.
  8. WitzyZed
    Differential surround and field surround should definitely be giving you a different sound. I never even touched the 'Master Gate (Limiter)' option. The uppermost toggle next to the ↩️ looking symbol should be green, and then the other effects should be toggled on as well.

    I am not defending VE, it is something I screw around with when I'm bored. I did buy the Viper Bass & Clarity effects out of curiosity and they too did things for the sound that were noticeably better or worse in some cases.
  9. THGM
    All toggles were green - that was the first thing I checked - but the only way I knew Viper effect was active was through Fiio suggesting the Master Gate test. Generally, I prefer not to mess about eq'ing the sound but I was just curious about Viper as the option was there, that was all. Will be interesting to see if anybody else has any thoughts on this!
  10. Bray90820
    I bought the X5 III a few days ago and it seems that the EQ setting only work on FIIO Music and Poweramp I would really like to use it on other apps like Play Music
  11. mandrake50
    I have thrown this out before. An APP has to be written to interface with the FIIO implementation of the OS. Have you contacted the developers of the APPs (play music) that don't allow the EQ to work?
    Their software needs to understand how to correctly interpret what the hardware/OS is sending to it. So it is not the player that needs to change, it is the APP.
    It seems several people have gotten changes in apps that allow let them do well with the FIIO x5III. Things Neutron has done comes to mind... Maybe pick a different player ???
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  12. LightBlue77
    i've done some additional checks.
    indeed viper effects have more... effect on some songs than others. Chan pan is ok. There is one additional balance in audio settings of android, one has to press ok to actually change the balance after moving the slider. but it's less effective than channel pan which actually mutes the sound on one side when the other is set to 100.
    Still, eq of fiio music app doesn't work, only the one in viper effects.
    Overall i find viper effects too complex, some of the settings don't seems to actually change anything.
    There should be some simple mode, i would say fiio might focus on activating that simple eq in music app and only some additional features like surround as in .e.g poweramp.
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  13. DeLaw
    The EQ works on Hiby, even on DSD. Also you can pause it and come back to play using remote ear buds without taking the player out to turn the screen on first.
  14. ailean
    Has anyone found any bluetooth smartwatches or fitness band things that work as media remotes with the X5iii?
  15. KopaneDePooj
    You can use FiiO RM1.
    See here:
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